Headshot Hair Dye is made in Europe and is now available for UK customers to try! This exciting brand offers vibrant colours in a range of shades. If you are looking for a new brand of vegan hair dye to try then you are going to want to test out Headshot. This brand is vegan friendly and is not tested on animals.

Blue Banana has just introduced the Headshot Classics collection to the online store so be sure to take a look at all the colours currently available. This semi-permanent hair dye couldn't have arrived at a better time with festivals in full flow and summer just around the corner! Depending on how you care for your hair once it has been dyed, Headshot hair colour can last from 2 - 8 washes. To help your hair colour last as long as possible, we recommend:

  • Using hair products that are specifically designed for dyed hair such as our shampoos and conditioners.
  • Washing you hair as little as often
  • Using cold water to wash you hair

Headshot Hair Dye Colours

Headshot hair dye for men and women have a range of colours in the classic 'Dye, Bastard, Dye!' range. These alternative shades offer you plenty of choice and additional options for blending colours together.


These oceanic blue hair dyes are perfect to blend together or try out on their own. Headshot hair colourants can be mixed together to create your own colour chart, which is perfect for those looking to create ombre, balayage or rainbow styles.

In order to get the best results, it is recommended that you lighten your hair first. Bleaching hair should be done 48 hours before you want to dye your hair to allow time for the hair to recover. If you would like to add a bleach or toner to your hair dye purchase then please check out our collection.


The Headshot Haarfarbe range of purple hair dyes is sure to give you plenty of ideas for how to style your hair. Create a funky dip dye with Psycho Purple or add some subtle highlights with La La Lila. These fabulous colours can be used in a variety of ways.

If you want to achieve full coverage, begin applying the hair dye with a tint brush about 1/4 inch from the scalp and make sure the hair strands are fully covered. For other styles just remember to section off your hair before you begin and you will soon feel like a pro, trying out different styles.


One of the most popular colours of 2019 pink hair dye is a top choice for your new bright hair colour. These rich shades offer a change from the usual pastel tones.

If you have been searching for a new brand of vegan hair dyes UK then you can enjoy the entire Headshot classics range at Blue Banana, whether you want to stick with the pink trend or create your own alternative look.


When it comes to alternative styles, it doesn't get much more bold and bright than a green hair dye. This crazy colour has got to be one of the most vibrant Headshot hair tint colours

Whether you love lime green, forest green or somewhere in between this is a colour you can have some fun with. If you have never been brave enough to try it, then this semi-permanent brand is a great place to start.


From the bright vegan red hair dye to Captain Carrot orange, if this is the colour aesthetic you are looking for then the brighter the better, right? 

This vegan hair dye brands makes sure you get the best out of your colour by offering a range of crazy tones for you to try. 


If you want to begin with a more neutral tone then Blackout and Grey Skull give you the opportunity. Try these colours on their own or create your own design of dip dye or ombre effect. Just remember, even with dark hair dye colours such as black it is recommended to bleach hair in order to help the hair strands to absorb the colour.

We would love to know your Headshot hair dye ideas so be sure to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Have you already tried Headshot hair dye? Be sure to leave us a Headshot hair dye review.

With plenty of colours to try, we can't wait to see how you style the Headshot hair dye! Whether you blend colours or stick to just one, you are sure to get an awesome alternative look with the knowledge that you are using a vegan friendly products that are not tested on animals.