Make sure your footwear collection is stocked up for the colder months with Winter Dr Martens. These cosy boots have extra features such as a faux fur lining to help keep you warm and snuggly while out and about during Winter. The winter range of DMs still has all the iconic features of the classic boots so you can enjoy your alternative fashion vibe throughout the year.

The design of Doc Martens 1460 boots means that they are a great choice for any season but if you are looking for something extra special for winter then check out the fur lined Dr Martens sale at Blue Banana. With a range of colours and designs, you can find your dream pair. Skip to our full range of Dr Martens, here.

A particular favourite in our Dr Martens fur lined boots range is Dr Martens 2976 Fur Lined Quad Chelsea Boots because they can be dressed up or worn with a casual outfit. The slip-on style means that you can enjoy the smooth look of a Chelsea boot with tufts of faux fur surrounding your ankles and covering the inside of the boot. This style features a platform sole for an extra bad-ass feel.

If brown Dr Martens are more your vibe then you will be pleased to hear that some new styles have just landed! Dr Martens 1460 Serena Abruzzo Faux Fur Boots feature a brown leather exterior and brown faux fur lining for a gorgeous winter style that is sure to match the colours in your winter wardrobe. The Dr Martens Serena style is a popular choice and can be found in a range of designs and colours.

There are many styles of DM fur boots to choose from so if you need to top up your winter collection it can be useful to have a range of classic colours to help you pair your Docs fur boots with all your outfits. A classic style such as brown fur lined Doc Martens like the Leonore Abruzzo Chelsea Boots can be a great start to your collection but you may also like to add a pair of black Dr Martens to add to Gothic or alternative outfits too.

At Blue Banana, you will find small sizes such as size 3 to fur lined Dr Martens size 5 up to size 7. Our Dr Martens collection ranges from a Size 3 to Size 1. but we are always adding to our stock so make sure to check back if we don't currently have your size in the style you like. Dr Martens with fur inside are all made using faux fur.

Dr Martens Winter Boots

If you want to add a festive twist to your outfits then why not add a dazzling dash of white to your feet. These snow-coloured boots are perfect for creating a dreamy Christmas outfit and come in a range of designs. If you want a mono white style to your footwear then Dr Martens 1460 Pascal Boots in Optical White are a great choice, swapping out the usual DMs colours for completely white laces.

To switch up your collection with a mix of boots and shoes make sure to check out our winter shoes Dr Martens. Dr Martens 1461 Polka Dot Smooth Shoes in White/Black offer an unusual design that is sure to stand out when you put together an alternative outfit. We would love to see your winter Dr Martens outfit ideas so make sure to tag us on our socials for your chance to be shared!

A pair of Dr Martens boots is an exciting Christmas gift so if you are looking for something extra special to get for someone you love then why not say it with Docs? Here is a taster of some of the classic styles we stock if your family member or friend is sticking to a Gothic style.

Alternatively, make sure to browse the full collection of winter Dr Martens boots for limited edition styles such as the Hello Kitty collab or unusual finishes such as the gloss, flame, or floral designs. Our collection includes a range of vegan Dr Martens too which you can find here.

One of the most iconic styles in the DMs collection, Dr Martens 1460 winter boots are a timeless style that matches with so many fashion styles so if yours are starting to look a little worn out why not add a pair to your Christmas list or buy yourself a treat to make sure your feet are comfortable and warm this winter. See the full range of Dr Martens at Blue Banana, here.

Kick your Christmas season off with winter Doc Martens and you may find that you don't need to buy another winter boot for quite some time. The Dr Martens winter boots mens and women's sizes are available at Blue Banana and the durable quality of this footwear will keep you on your feet during this busy festive season.