Blue Banana: The Home of Alternative Fashion

The story of Blue Banana has simple beginnings. From 1997 we have sold an awesome range of body jewellery and novelty gifts. Blue Banana has always tried to provide things which are not readily available in mainstream stores, we’re proud to say this is still the plan after all these years.

For a seriously long time Blue Banana has been the place to go for emo clothing, scene styles, punk clothes and gothic attire. Over time the names and trends have changed but we keep a keen eye on alternative fashion and listen to you, our friends, about the most amazing stuff to stock. Our range of skinny jeans is forever growing, it’s a popular style so we’d like everyone to have a colour to suit them. The range of brands we carry is forever changing, but some of the best and most long standing favourites here at Blue Banana are Hell Bunny, New Rock, Dr Martens, Manic Panic, Voodoo Vixen and Nemesis Now.

Quality Band Merchandise and Emo Clothing Brands

Being involved with alternative styles cannot be separated from the music which inspires it. From new bands we promote to the bands that thousands of you love, we’re always trying to stock the right combination of music genres to keep all our friends happy and covered in band merchandise

We're Not Just Online Either...

For your convenience Blue Banana has two sides to the company; for those of you who love the shopping atmosphere we have 13 stores across the UK (see our Blue Banana Stores) and for those who like the comfort of their living room, we have a great online store too. In our stores, it’s like normal shopping but better, with alternative music playing and friendly staff you can choose your latest new clothes and accessories surrounded by people who know the fashion. Stores also provide piercings, some have tattoo facilities and we try to have in store band signings whenever we can capture some of those elusive creatures – musicians.

Online we have a massive selection, with a warehouse in Cornwall and a web team to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. We’re always providing discounts so you can load up on the latest gothic, punk and emo fashions for less of your hard earned pennies. We have almost constant competitions for our website posted to Facebook and Twitter so be our friend – you know you want to! If you have any questions and you’ve surfed our website, including our piercing guide, you can always send an email to

Our Ethical Policy 

This website is operated by and products are sold by Arcadant BV Limited who conducts its services honestly and honourably, and expects our clients and suppliers to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers.

Arcadant BV Limited uses both UK based and International suppliers, and whilst we take into account the different cultural perspectives in the countries some of our items are produced, it is expected that our suppliers act in accordance with the laws of the various countries in which they operate, and meet, if not exceed Blue Bananas’ expectations on ethical standards.
  • Wages meet if not exceed, the national minimum.

  • Child labour is not tolerated and as such Blue Banana only use suppliers that comply with the legal minimum working age. No forced labour is used; all employees are treated equally and fairly. We pride ourselves on having a skilled workforce and do not discriminate against employee’s personal characteristics or beliefs.

  • Health & Safety is paramount. Safety equipment is provided; first aid kits and trained first aiders are situated at our Head Office and all our stores. We have up to date fire safety equipment and a fire drill in place.

  • No bribes will be accepted in an attempt to influence business activity. All employees will act with respect and responsiveness to carry out Blue Banana’s mission in a professional manner.
Where issues may come to our attention we would instantly react to them within Arcadant BV Limited and expect our suppliers to do the same. If we were not completely satisfied we may take the choice to stop trading with a particular supplier. We strive to do everything we can to constantly improve our standards and provide fantastic ethical fashion for our customers.