Daith rings are available in a range of shapes such as hearts and stars. They are specifically designed to be worn in daith piercings. Find out more, below.
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Daith Rings

Picking Out Daith Rings
It is important to choose the right size and material for your piercing jewellery as your body may react differently to different materials. Getting the right size of daith ring is important for the health of your piercing.
  • Size: Daith rings are measured by the diameter and gauge of the ring. The first number is the gauge (displayed in mm) and the second is the diameter e.g. 1.2 x 10mm.
  • Material: Choosing a high quality material such as titanium will provide you with a hypoallergenic material that is perfect for everyday use. Surgical steel is also a good choice for healed piercings as it is durable.

Inserting/Removing Daith Rings
Before handling your piercing, always make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. 

Changing a daith ring is a simple process that can be done at home but if you would like help, especially the first time, then it is best to visit a piercer.

It is important to be patient and not attempt to change your piercing jewellery before the wound is fully healed as this can cause complications. However, once it has healed you can start exploring your options.

Most daith piercing jewellery including the ring, heart, and star a seamless rings. This means they are made of a single continuous piece of material with a small break in the ring for removing and inserting the jewellery. To remove your daith jewellery, gently twist the visible part of the ring towards you. You are aiming to twist the ends in opposite directions rather than pulling them apart. Once you have twisted the jewellery you will be able to gently work it through the piercing hole.

It can be easier to twist the piercing jewellery using jewellery pliers so if you plan to regularly change your daith jewellery then this can be a worthy investment. You will only need to twist the jewellery a little in order to help you remove it from your piercing hole.

When inserting your new daith ring start by twisting the ends of the ring apart, as before. Make sure to push the ring gently through the piercing hole. You can then gently close the jewellery by untwisting it and returning it to its original flat form. Once your piercing jewellery is secure you can gently move the ring to the most suitable and comfortable position. 

Where can you use daith rings?
Daith rings are specifically designed for daith piercings but some can be used in rook piercings which are a similar shape and size to daith piercing. Some people also use heart piercing jewellery in ear rim piercings. If you are intending to use a daith ring in your rook or other ear piercing you may want to check the suitability of the jewellery with your piercer, first.

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