New Era New York Mets 59FIFTY Snapback Cap (Black)

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Product Description
  • Style: 59Fifty Snapback Cap
  • Material Composition: Wool
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: Black Cap with Large 'M' Lettering, Embroidered NY Logo, New York Mets Logo to Rear, Embroidered New Era Logo to Side
  • Features: Flat Brim Baseball Hat
  • Care Instructions: Easy To Care For and Maintain
  • Brand: New Era
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New Era Cap Care

New Era Cap Care

When purchasing a New Era cap it’s important to consider looking after it if you want to keep it fresh. They are so well known for their awesome style and the appeal they give off when wearing them, so you’re not going to want to ruin it! As it is only a cap, caring for it is relatively easy as long as you remember some of the main points. Here we’ve collected the vital information you’ll need in case of any ‘emergencies’ and our tips will enable you to keep your cap looking cool.

First of all like many items of clothing, you’ve got to be careful about getting wet. The New Era caps are known to adapt their shape depending on their position and fit when drying. This is why you are advised NEVER to put the cap in a washing machine or wash it completely; there are other methods of cleaning which we’ll come on to later. To get the perfect fit, keep your hat on your head when drying and it will then mould into the shape of your skull, providing the ultimate comfort.

On the flip side of this, it’s important to not overheat the cap either. Obvious natural situations like the sun won’t affect the shape or fit of the cap at all, but if you were to use devices that produce a lot of heat the hat may shrink! So avoid using tumble dryers or irons and other items that may have this affect.

Keeping the hat clean is also important if you want to ensure a long and healthy life for your fashionable companion. To remove simple things like hair or dust, using something easy like cello tape or masking tape will do. For the removal of sweat stains we suggest just getting a damp cloth with some detergent or soap and wiping the stained area. For a really good clean, wash the cloth and then wipe the areas again to remove the rest of the stain and any soap or detergent that may remain. It’s pretty simple and we’re sure you’ll find it easy, so just keep these things in mind.

Problems with the fit or size? Then we’ve got a solution for you to consider. If you find your hat is a feeling a bit loose, to make it shrink simply apply some water to the headband and then let it dry. If you’re experiencing the other end of the size related spectrum and your hat is too tight, simple stretches will eventually loosen it up. Obviously this is recommended to be gentle and ease the sizing to your own requirements; if you pull too hard or get aggressive you could ruin the cap.

So to summarise, to look after your New Era cap remember the following:
  • Don’t get it wet! If you do, make sure you let it dry out whilst wearing it.
  • Don’t heat it up! Dryers and irons are a complete no-no.
  • Cleaning is to be simple and basic, wet cloth and soap with simple dabs.
  • Too small? Gently stretch it out but don’t be too hard.
  • Too big? A little water goes a long way, but using too much will shrink it loads.

New Era Cap Facts

New Era Cap Facts

Along with every great toy comes a set of steps used to make it so why should New Era caps be any different? Exciting, innovative and above all fun to play with, this generation of headwear will become your new plaything, no matter what your age. Whether that’s you playing around with your style or trying different ways to wear your fashion crown that puts you higher than anyone else, there are a few things you need to know about the New Era hat. You can take a look at each one as closely as possible and pick out all of the mistakes. You won’t. New Era hats have been made to perfection with the detailing, stitching and artwork absolutely flawless in design. In creating such a popular and well-loved hat, blood and sweat has to be packed into it. Blood and sweat is exactly what goes into each one. You can try and spot an error in the stitching or say the embroidery isn’t raised. You can’t. For a full insight to New Era caps we suggest you take a look at the list of top ten facts that we have rounded up to prove the excellence of this legendary brand.
  1. Firstly, New Era was established over 90 years ago in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch
  2. The caps are moulded around wooden blocks to maintain shape, giving them a fitted form
  3. The embroidery featured on almost every cap is created from 8,000 to 31,000 stitches
  4. Each cap includes a visor which can bend and bend and bend without breaking
  5. It is key that the colour of the cap and the buttons found on each one match to follow consistency
  6. The tag inside is sewn on by two seams so it doesn’t fall down and irritate you
  7. All of the hats feature raised embroidery to give them a visual appeal
  8. It is advised that you do not wash the caps as they have been made to specifically fit
  9. As a sports cap by functions, the sweatband has been made from 100% cotton in order to catch all of your sweat
  10. Last but by no means least, each Major League Baseball team and Minor League Associates wear the New Era cap.
There you have it, ten top facts about what makes a New Era cap ultimately incredible. Beginning over 90 years ago, it’s hard to believe New Era is so old but yet so up to date. Following and pushing along with the modern changes, this company satisfies and impresses everyone. Designed to be worn by people of all ages, styles and races, New Era breaks boundaries and has created a common ground for people of all descriptions. Concentration, love and creativity are the main ingredients used to make the best cap. These are all qualities New Era employees possess and express in the art they produce. Their devotion for making headwear that will bring tears to your eyes with excitement, ensures that durability, longevity and strength are a given. No other company in the world has met the standards this brand has broken. Strong in shape, attractive in sight and resilient in materials, the New Era cap has been generated to be almost indestructible, making sure it remains looking as good as new no matter what your day throws at it. With this information set in your mind, expand on your New Era collection knowing these facts and trust your cap will always remain loyal to its chosen owner.

New Era Cap Sizes

New Era Cap Sizes

Cap Size
6 7/8
7 7 1/8
7 1/4
7 3/8
7 1/2
7 5/8
7 3/4
7 7/8
Centimeters 54.9mm 55.8mm 56.8mm 57.7mm 58.7mm 59.6mm 60.6mm 61.5mm 63.0mm 64.0mm
Inches 21 5/8
22 22 3/8
22 3/4
23 1/8
23 1/2
23 7/8
24 1/4
24 5/8

Choosing the right cap to match your personal style can be easy but you might struggle when it comes to deciding on the perfect size. Fitted to uphold shape and stamina, size really does matter when it comes down to picking the one suitable for your head. A true New Era cap includes the brand label on the left side and has an individual manner that will draw attention like a magnet. Get the fitting that is designed for your head. Taking up only a few seconds, if that, of your time, take a supple measuring tape and wrap it around your head where the hat will sit. For your size compare with the measurements below and voila, you have a cap made to fit.

New Era Cap Styles

New Era Cap Styles

There are five different styles of the classic New Era cap, resulting in there being something for everyone and so we’re all winners. No matter what your age, gender or size is, there will be a hat for you and we’re here to help you find it. Check out our guide and choose the style that suits you best, ensuring that this is your perfect purchase.
  • 59FIFTY
    The 59FIFTY is perhaps the most well known and successful product that New Era have created. This is the first cap to be born and has now become a fashion icon recognised all over the world. It is fitted to achieve maximum comfort and also features the labelling sticker on the visor for real authenticity. Also sporting the New Era flag on the side of the cap, you’ll have heads turning as you don this awesome accessory.

  • Womens 59FIFTY
    As straight forward as it sounds, this cap is simply the ladies version of the classic 59FIFTY. It’s exactly the same apart from its’ custom fit, suited for female sizes and it also shows a dedication to girly fashion. The styles are also adapted to suit a more feminine feel and so are more preferable to women than the standard 59FIFTY caps.

  • 49FORTY
    Similar to the traditional 59FIFTY, the 49FORTY is a relaxed design which perfectly suits the more mellowed out among us. Also in a fitted style, this particular cap will mould itself around your head giving a comfortable feel and stylish look. Ultimately if you prefer being and feeling casual, then the 49FORTY was made for you.

  • 39THIRTY
    Can you spot the pattern? Although the names are all similar, the 39THIRTY differs from previous New Era caps with its style and purpose. These caps are stretch fit providing the utmost comfort and allow for any purpose or activity. You can get this cap in either a wool stretch feel or with specified performance mesh material, meaning that you can customise your choice depending on your preference.

  • 29TWENTY
    The 29TWENTY is completely unstructured and so incredibly adaptable. You can alter the fit to suit your head size or activity. If you’re feeling sporty and having a busy day, tighten the cap to ensure a secure fit, or if you’re in a casual mood, loosen it up to really relax. Its slightly peaked visor makes it perfect for all sports fans and as a New Era cap you know its top quality.
We hope our information on cap styles has helped you to reach your decision and know you’ll absolutely love your new cap.