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Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink)
Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink) Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink) Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink) Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink)
Product Description
  • Style: Contact Lens Case
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Dark Pink
  • Finish: Dark Pink Contact Case with Cupcake Design
  • Features: Screw Top, Cherry Cream Cupcakes
  • Care Instructions: Easy to Care For and Maintain, Instructions for Use on Package
  • Brand: Coloured Contacts

If you've been looking for a new contact lens case to keep your lenses clean then check out the Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case in Dark Pink. The tall icing peaks on these cupcakes look truly delicious.

Taking care of your coloured contact lenses is an important part of eye safety as the build up of dust and bacteria can potentially damage your eye. When you're purchasing contact lenses, a lens case is essential. So if you have to get a contact lens case anyway, why not have a cute novelty look that look adorable on your bathroom sink. The lens case has two special designed screw top lids that come in the shape of different cupcakes. You can get one of these totally novelty looking lens cases for pocket change so why not ditch the boring old lens case, or avoid the ugly cases altogether.

Don't miss out on a cheap way to keep your contacts safe and clean. Take your eye health seriously by getting the Coloured Contact Dark Pink Cupcake Lens Case today!

Contact Lens Hygiene Tips & Tricks:
Storing multi-usage lenses like the 90 day or 1 year lenses requires the contact lens case is washed regularly using the contact lens solution. Do not wash the case with water as it risks the presence of unwanted bacteria. This may lead to an increased risk of eye infections. It is important to clean both the case and contact lenses to prevent dust and bacteria build up. Clean your lenses and case routinely so they are always ready and safe for use. The contact lens cases ensure that your lenses stay clean and your eyes will stay healthy.

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