Why Is It Better To Stand Out From The Crowd?

When it comes to standing out from those around you, it is important to step away from your comfort zone and reinvent yourself in a way that’s distinct from everyone else. People love to pigeonhole others into categories and make assumptions before they even get to know you properly but whilst alternative looks aren’t without their labels, someone with a creative look is much more difficult to predict and stereotype than someone who mimics the default mainstream styles altogether.

The main aim of standing out from the crowd is to come off as someone who is original, creative and unlike anyone else. Whilst everyone has this quality in them in some shape or form, it seems that it’s only someone who visually stands out from others that tends to get noticed and labelled as “alternative”.Standing Out From The Crowd

An Alternative Mind Set To Go With The Style

Once you opt to leave the realm of predictable and safe fashion, you also leave its collective of similar thinking humans. The great thing about someone who’s opted to stand out from the rest in terms of style is that their own mind set is changed for the better as well. After all, who better to accept someones varied fashion and appearance than someone who also appreciates the outsider stigma that can sometimes be placed upon you.

It takes a lot of courage to stand out from the most popular or plain looks and behaviours and if you’re someone who dresses completely different from the rest of your peers, you’ll likely stand out in people’s minds as someone who is confident within themselves. We all know that the problem with the ordinary fashion that you find in high street stores is that they all imitate each other and have a very safe look about them, which is hardly a desirable quality for many of us.

Alternative Style As A Form Of Expression

Unless you think that your complex personality and ethics can be expressed by wearing whatever colour is in the season or mimicking celebrity styles, then you’re more than likely one of those people who quite rightly likes to show their distinct and indescribable personality with a visual look that varies from anyone else.

Whether you have an unusual cut, bold coloured hair, pierced or tattooed skin, these are all looks that make the wearer much more pleasing to the eye. One of the biggest groups on the net is the Suicide Girl’s, which uses models of varied looks and sizes in their photo-shoots and are still adored because they have the confidence to stand out – and so they should!

Rather than planning every outfit through or mimicking someones style, dare to be different and create something that is entirely just you. Rather than picking the styles that have already been trialled and accepted, experiment with your look and wear the items that you genuinely like, rather than what everyone else likes. Imagine your body is the canvas of your own artistry and paint it with the styles and creative clothing that are your own.

It’s hard to feel confident unless you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, so whilst it may be tempting to reach this stage by filling your wardrobe with bolder styles that you’ve seen others wear, it’ll be much more beneficial to pick the styles that you can see yourself wearing every day. This way, you’ll be much more memorable to those you come into contact with, having the benefit of being so visually distinct that no one can make assumptions about you before they’ve had the chance to get to know you – and with some confidence behind the style you’ll look brilliant too.

Written By BlueBanana