Blast From The Past: Voodoo Vixen’s Vintage Style Clothing

Fashion is often a very cyclical creature, with certain styles returning to the forefront after a certain amount of time. Recently the return of Vintage clothing has been taking the world by storm. With elegant and colourful summer dresses. The Retro styles of the 20th century have been revived and now whole outfits can make you look like you’ve just jumped through time. At Blue Banana we aim to give you the opportunity to try out all kinds of Alternative fashion. Now, with the help of Voodoo Vixen, we have some amazing new Vintage Style Clothing in our collection. So if you think you were born in the wrong decade, you can at least enjoy the clothing.

With this in mind, we’ve created a little list of some of the retro clothing recently added to our store. These items can be combined to create the ultimate vintage style clothing outfit, or added to clothes in your collection. So let’s take a look at these new Voodoo Vixen products.

The Top Place for Vintage Tops

Let’s start with something simple. When it comes to retro clothing for women, the simple designs can make a big difference. A great example of this is the Voodoo Vixen Celine Top. The plain black top features some decorative buttons on the shoulders and sleeves, but it otherwise untouched. The really vintage design comes from the neckline. The high neckline creates a modest look that would be at home in the 20th century. It also has a button fastening at the back with a cut out hole, which is a theme with a lot of retro tops.

Another really cute design in our new vintage style clothing collection is the Voodoo Vixen Shelley Flutter Sweater. Once again the small button fastening has a little cut out hole, but this time at the front. The neckline is also a lot smaller so cover the shoulders more. The simple heart pattern is also a great trend from the 50s and 60s and is easy to accessorize. You will simply love adding this to your outfit, either for a special event, or just everyday wear. The flared sleeves are also a really wonderful design that will let you stand out from the crowd. But if black isn’t your thing then you can have the same design but red. Check out the Voodoo Vixen Maggie Flutter Sweater as well.

Don’t Skirt Around Buying Vintage Skirts.

Sometimes the more modest styles of retro vintage style clothing can be the most attractive. The Voodoo Vixen May Full Circle Skirt falls below the knee to create this modest style. It also has an elegant red and black tartan pattern. This means that you can use this skirt as the focus of an outfit by adding a simple black top like the Celine top, or it can simple accompany an outfit with a more vibrant focus piece. The simple flare design also looks great no matter what size you are, and it does come in plus sizes so everyone can look good.

If you still want more tartan then there is also the new Voodoo Vixen Bridget Tartan Flare Skirt. This time the skirt is a simple grey colour. If there is one lesson learned from a mother’s fashion advice, it’s that grey goes with everything. You can find dozens of tops, cardigans and jumpers in plenty of different colours and they will suit this skirt. This means that you can wear this skirt time and time again and still feel fresh with your fashion.

Stay Warm with a Vintage Cape

None of these vintage outfits for women would be complete without stylish outerwear to keep you warm. While you’re flaunting your fashion outside, add the Voodoo Vixen Melrose Faux Fur Cape to your outfit. This cape is made with ultra thick wool that will definitely keep the cold from affecting you. The cuffs and neck are lined with a soft fake fur that adds vintage elegance to your outfit. Now you can look fancy in the winter without any furry friends being harmed. You definitely get the best of both worlds with this cape.

If you’re thinking that you need more fluff in your life then the Voodoo Vixen Agatha Faux Fur Cape is even better. The fake fur on this cape reaches all the way down the middle and the cuffs have extra fluff so you can feel snug with the silky design.

So there are some of the new options available in our vintage style clothing. Be sure to check out more Voodoo Vixen products in our store for a huge range of potential clothing to suit your retro style. If you love vintage fashion then we would love it if you give us a like and a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will keep you up to date on all the new vintage style clothing coming to our online store.

Written By BlueBanana