Top Ten TV Shows To Binge Watch This Summer!

As much as we love summer, we know that it can be hard to find a way to kill some of those long sunny days – especially with a fair amount of you being on break from school and university (we’re totally not jealous at all…) So to help you pass the time, we’ve compiled a list of top ten boredom-busting TV shows! There’s no better way to spend your summer than by binge-watching some of these incredible shows. So what are you waiting for? Fire up Netflix and get watching!

1. Adventure Time

What time is it? Uh, about 12:30 as we’re writing this, but that’s not the point… Adventure Time follows the wacky and zany adventures of Finn the human and Jake the shape-shifting dog as they fight bad guys and try to protect the Land of Oo! It’s important not to take this TV series too seriously – just give yourself in to the utter weirdness. It features everything from lemon-people to talking candy and Abraham Lincoln! Yeah, we warned you it was weird…


2. Fargo

There’s no denying it: Fargo has it all… Awesome crime stories? Check. Great villains? Check. An all-star cast? Check. Funny accents? You bet’cha! Fargo is basically a ton of fun – being very reminiscent of the movie of the same name – with each of its three seasons telling a different story. So that means you can watch them in pretty much any order! If you’re just after a good story or two to keep you entertained this summer, then this show is a pretty safe bet.


3. Stranger Things

We love Stranger Things. It’s great. You should watch it. The end.

Ok, well, we ‘spose we should do a bit more convincing than that… Stranger Things is basically every 80s horror fan’s dream – taking inspiration from everything from Stephen King books to E.T. Set in a small Indiana town, it focuses on four kids who get involved a government conspiracy, an alternate dimension and one incredibly terrifying monster… If you’re a horror fan then make sure you don’t miss out on this show!


4. American Gods

God, do we love this show! Focusing on Shadow Moon, a recently released convict, the show tells the story of him becoming the bodyguard for a mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday… Who may or not be a Norse god. If you’re a fan of shows like Game Of Thrones, then you definitely can’t afford to miss out on this one – in fact it’s the ideal way to pass the time until the long-awaited season 7 arrives!


5. Master Of None

If you’re looking for a new sitcom to binge on, then Master Of None is your best bet! Starring Aziz Ansari – of Parks and Recreation fame – this TV show is guaranteed to grab your attention from the beginning. It’s quirky, weird and a lot of fun and easy watching… And to be honest, what more could you watch from a summer binge-watch show? Master Of None definitely deserves a place on your binge-list!


6. Better Call Saul

Love Breaking Bad? Then you better watch Better Call Saul! This prequel to the all-too-incredible story of everyone’s favourite meth cook, takes a while to get going, but once it gets good it’s really good. The origin story of Saul Goodman (or Jimmy McGill) is every bit as compelling as Walter White’s, and is sure to keep you interested all the way through. There are currently three seasons available, so it should keep you going for a while!



Netflix’s latest series is perfect combination of drama and 80s zaniness, and is guaranteed to become your new favourite show! Focusing on the Gorgeous Ladies Wresting professional wrestling circuit, the show tells the story of several 80s gimmick wrestlers… Sounds weird, we know, but trust us when we say it’s good! If your binge schedule has been stuffed with gritty dramas, then this show is the best way to inject a bit of silliness into your life.


8. The X-Files

Time for our obligatory ‘old skool’ show of the list. The X-Files is an undeniable classic, focusing on the alien-hunting adventures of Mulder and Scully, and is pretty much the original creepy sci-fi TV show. With there being a total of 10 seasons (10!) and a potential eleventh one on the way, The X-Files is a great choice if you’ve got a lot of time to kill!


9. BoJack Horseman

Another great Netflix show, BoJack Horseman tells the story of washed up former sitcom star as he tries to revive his career… Also, he’s a horse. Also, the show takes place in a world where humans and animal-people coexist. Also, this show is incredibly weird. (Though you may have gathered that already.) If you’re looking for something a little bit out there to watch over your summer – similarly to GLOW – then trust us when we say this show is worth a go!


10. Hannibal

So if you’ve already watch Stranger Things and thought it was a bit tame in the horror department then maybe you should give Hannibal a watch. Trust us when we say that this show is not for the faint of heart! Following the exploits of the famous serial killer Hannibal Lecter – and the detective hunting him – Hannibal is an undeniably dark show, featuring some incredibly creepy murder scenes. If you’ve been looking for a deliriously dark TV show for your summer, then this one definitely won’t disappoint…


So there you have – our top summer TV binge recommendations! Did we miss off your favourite show? Well, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We’re always looking for more stuff to watch!

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Written By BlueBanana