Our Top 10 Favourite Nintendo Games of All Time!


Favourite Nintendo games are a hot topic at BBHQ, especially following the recent release of the Nintendo Switch!While everyone’s excited about awesome new games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we thought we’d show some love to some of the retro classics. Our top 10 favourite Nintendo games listicle covers everything from our favourite classic 8-bit games to our modern day Mario racers.

1. Super Mario Bros 3


Let’s start this top 10 Nintendo games listicle as we intend to go on, with some classic Super Mario madness! Everyone loves suiting up as the famous Italian plumbers, and the 1988 NES game HAS to be one of the best platform games of all time. There’s nothing like some classic Mario to get you in the gaming mood.

FUN FACT: There’s a hidden anchor level! Collecting 78 coins in worlds 6-7 makes a mysterious white mushroom house appear – enjoy a rare and hidden level as you work through your adventure!

2. Classic Tetris


One of the greatest and most well-known Nintendo games of all time, Tetris has been played on a huge range of consoles. It was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and sold a whopping 8 million copies worldwide. We are just too hooked on this block stacking madness!

FUN FACT: The annual Classic Tetris World Championship uses the original NES version of Tetris to test its entrants in order to find a world Tetris champion!

3. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


There was much debate here as to what was the best Zelda Nintendo game. Although, after much deliberation, we had to choose Ocarina of Time to be in our top 10 favourites. Filled with tricky and testing puzzles, this large open world environment is one you can easily pour hours into! With its gorgeous graphics and magnificent music, there’s just too much to love about this game.

FUN FACT: To this day (2017), Ocarina of Time is the highest rated game on Metacritic with many gamers considering it to be the best game of all time.

4. Pokemon Gold


Everyone loves a good Pokemon game and the games released on the Gameboy Colour are certainly no exceptions. Our favourite Pokemon has to be Ho-Oh, who exclusively appears in Pokemon Gold – which makes it better than the rest in our opinion! Enjoy some old school perfection from the days where we stayed inside and played rather than running around the streets searching for gyms.

FUN FACT: Originally set out to be the last Pokemon games made, Pokemon Gold and Silver did so well that the creators couldn’t afford not to make more games – which are certainly grateful for!

5. Mario Kart Wii


Love or hate the Nintendo Wii, we’ve all sat down with that floating wheel wireless controller at some point! Filled with a whole horde of tracks both new and old, this game had everything we loved about other Mario Kart games and more. Although glorious games like Crash Team Racing come pretty close, there’s nothing better than taking to the tracks with some of our favourite Nintendo characters and cause some mayhem!

FUN FACT: Avoid Blue Shells in first place by holding onto your speed boost mushrooms, boost away whilst the flying tracker hovers above you to avoid the explosion!

6. Yoshi’s Island


Who doesn’t love Mario’s loyal sidekick Yoshi? The protector of Baby Mario in this SNES platform game, Yoshi tries to reunite the bros after Luigi is kidnapped by Baby Bowser’s minions! The classic ‘drawn-effect’ Nintendo game is a must-play if you can’t get enough of Mario’s little dinosaur friend!

FUN FACT: Yoshi won’t eat dolphins (in America at least!). In the American version of Super Mario World Yoshi can’t eat dolphin enemies, how specific and random a fact is that?!

7. Golden Eye 007


This legendary first person shooter is one of the ultimate Nintendo games for the N64! Putting you straight in the shoes of James Bond 007 as you tackle challenges based on events from the 1995 action film. Enjoy a good old shoot up against your friends with the hilarious multiplayer mode as you battle through one of the best movie tie-in games ever made!

FUN FACT: It is possible to play levels in the awesome Donkey Kong Mode, which gives your characters massive heads and ape-like movements as you play through your favourite levels. Weird, but still kinda cool!

8. Donkey Kong Country


Released in 1994, this hugely popular platform game features the famous Donkey Kong teaming up with nephew Diddy to recover their stolen banana hoard! The side scrolling levels are each themed differently with some vine-swinging, cannon firing and mine cart action. Fast paced and full of fun, there’s a lot to love about this classic Nintendo game!

FUN FACT: The original idea for Donkey Kong was born out of a planned Popeye game which fell through. This name ‘Donkey Kong’ was penned with the intention of it translating to ‘stupid ape’, but this name stuck and became hugely popular!

9. Duck Hunt


Released as a launch game for the NES, Duck Hunt utilises the NES Zapper gun accessory as a first-person shooter. Deceptively simple, you’ll find this game hugely addictive as you battle your way through the seemingly endless amount of rounds!

FUN FACT: If you can make it all the way to Round 99, you make it to a kill screen called Round 0. The targets appear randomly and with some glitches. It’s hard to get there but very possible!

10. Super Smash Bros.


The ultimate compendium of all Nintendo games features characters from all corners of the gaming franchise coming together to fight it out! Want to see Wario vs Ganondorf? Then this is the game that can make it happen. See characters from Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Starfox, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Fire Emblem come together for the ultimate brawl!

FUN FACT: SEGA characters Sonic The Hedgehog and Solid Snake were added into the Super Smash Bros Brawl as new characters from a different universe!

What do you think of our favourite Nintendo games selection? Have you bought yourself a Nintendo Switch yet? If so, then let us know – come and find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to continue the discussion!

Our Top 10 Favourite Nintendo Games of All Time

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Written By Sam Oliver

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