Q&A With Alternative Fashion Blogger Elisa B From Style Bizarre

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run your own alternative fashion blog or website, then Blue Banana has a treat for you right here! We spoke to the highly talented alternative fashion blogger Elisa B of Style Bizarre where she shared her experiences and advice about her favourite styles, inspirations and just what makes a good fashion blog.

If you’ve always wanted to write about fashion on your own terms, we suggest you pay attention and listen up to Elisa’s advice!

Alternative fashion blogger Elisa of Style Bizarre

Alternative fashion blogger Elisa of Style Bizarre

Q. What attracted you to blogging in the first place?

I have always been on the internet as long as I can remember. ICQ, LiveJournal, MSN, MySpace and so on, so a blog felt like the natural following to such a passion for the web. I was also studying fashion when I started my blog, it pushed me into researching and sharing with other people the things I loved. And it still does!

Q. What do you feel is the best reason for why you write Style Bizarre?

I need a place to write down the zillion of things I have in my mind. It becomes pretty crowded up here! Plus, I love to connect with people, I love graphics, I love photography, I love writing and it’s easier for me to write it than to not write it, if that makes sense!

Q. Who would you consider a major inspiration for your style in fashion and in writing?

I’m such an eclectic person when it comes to personal style, so I can’t really point at one source of inspiration! I work in costume design so I have a passion for clothes in general, especially the ones that tell a story. I love colourful styles, vintage inspiration, gypsy, boho, minimal, dark and whenever someone’s style can tell a story about them. As far as writing is concerned, I love sassy writing style. English is not my first language and it’s not easy. I should learn to write short sentences for a start

Q. At which point did you realise you were a successful and popular blogger?

I don’t think success and popularity go together, not always at least. Success happens when you are satisfied with what you do and when the things you write resonate with people. I know it is so web 1.0, but I love comments. If someone bothers to leave a comment it means your post resonated with them.

Q. What is it you love about alternative fashion styles?

Freedom. I love how you can’t define alternative fashion anymore. The internet brought in so much inspiration, so many styles and so many different people. Alternative fashion is about creativity and that’s what I love the most about it.

Q. What fashion style currently trending do you like the most?

I’m totally into boho and gypsy style. I don’t dress that way and I never have, but I’m bewitched by the halo of freedom, wildness and happiness that surrounds it.

Q. Which blog post or posts are you most proud of, for whatever reason?

Elisa, showing off her alternative style

Elisa, showing off her alternative style

The posts that I’m most proud of are the ones I still have to write! Inspirational quotes aside, I am proud of everything I put out there and I strive to do it better every time. So the post I’m most proud of is the one you find on top at Style Bizarre

Q. Do you feel blogging is still relevant in the world of fashion?

Of course it is, more than the fashion world would like. But I couldn’t care less. I feel like fashion and the blogosphere are becoming two worlds, running on parallel roads! And it’s not a bad thing, we needed diversity and the internet gave us this awesome chance. So long live the blogosphere!

Q. What advice would you offer to new bloggers looking to gain a following?

Everything has been said and everything has been done. That said, be yourself! Get inspired by all means, but don’t try to emulate someone: it never works! And don’t be afraid to show who you are and write what you think. Connect with other bloggers! Write useful things. No one reads your blog to know what you had for breakfast, at least not in the beginning!

Q. Do you have any big plans for Style Bizarre in the future?

I’m a procrastinator. I’ve always had big plans for StyleBizarre, and I almost let it die, not writing for a whole year. I have been back on track for quite a while now and it’s growing very fast so I hope to turn it into a brand and start selling some awesome stuff as soon as possible. I’d also love to have more writers come along and make the community grow: I’m working on it! If you are a bold girl who’s got style and would like to write on Style Bizarre, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Check out Elisa’s awesome writing all about the world of alternative fashion over at www.stylebizarre.com or you can follow her on Twitter @stylebizarre or Facebook.

Written By BlueBanana