Stocking Fillers Thatíll Knock Your Socks Off!


Christmas is coming, and we know that finding the perfect stocking fillers is now firmly at the top of your to-do list! In our online store, you can pick up plenty of little gadgets and gizmos for amazing prices. Big gifts are awesome, but you can truly fill your loved onesí stockings to the brim with our selection of gifts. There certainly are plenty of choices on offer here at Blue Banana, so weíre here to give some stocking filler inspiration to get the Christmas shopping well and truly under way!

Stocking Fillers Thatíll Knock Your Socks Off: Christmas Gift Featured Image

Stocking Fillers For Geeks

We all have at least one loved one of the geeky persuasion in our lives, and if you canít think of who it is in your circle of friends and family, then itís probably you! There couldnít be a better choice of stocking filler than some super pop culture gadgets and gizmos. Superhero merchandise is by far the coolest Christmas gift to give this year. Here at Blue Banana, we have plenty of awesome Marvel and DC Comics gifts ready for 2017! Even the most ardent lover of lie-ins wonít be able to resist the Marvel Comics Captain America Civil War Alarm Clock. Who know, they may even WANT to get up bright and early if you get them this! Or, if youíre looking for some epic movie merchandise, we have a Suicide Squad Skulls Mug for the clown prince or mistress of mayhem in your life. Shopping for someone who reckons theyíre the hero Gotham needs? Then why not treat Ďem to the DC Comics Batman V Superman Battle For Gotham T-Shirt? After all, everyone loves a cheeky tee!

In the unlikely event that youíre still uninspired, why not check out our gifts and pop culture section? We guarantee youíll find the ideal stocking fillers for even the fussiest fan!

Perfect Gifts For Her

Itís not all nerdacious swag yíknow, Ďcos amongst all our geeky gifts we have plenty of fashion accessories and jewellery to add a touch of personality to any stocking! As well as our huge range of festival style wristbands, we have plenty of jewellery for all the lovers of Steampunk, Gothic and Vintage styles! We have a great range of Steampunk-inspired jewellery, which will make a surprise alternative gift this Christmas! The Blue Banana Steampunk Bee Necklace or the Blue Banana Steampunk Heart Cogs Necklace will make a wonderful gift for any Steampunk siren. Plus, if youíre feeling flush and want to get something a little pricier, we have plenty of gorgeous Alchemy Gothic jewellery which is well worth a browse!

Rockiní in the Stocking

For the metalhead of the family, youíll have to dive head-first into our official band merchandise section for the perfect stocking filler. Everyone loves getting a calendar for Christmas, itís the perfect way for rockers to mark out tour and festival dates! You can crank up the volume on your regular calendar choices with our range of music calendars. Rock out to the Official AC/DC 2017 Calendar or pay tribute to the music icons with the Official Terry OíNeills Rock Ní Roll 2017 Calendar! We have plenty of official band tees, wristbands, mugs and hats which would all make perfect Christmas stocking fillers.

Keeping It Cosy

If youíre having cold feet about your stocking filler selections, then why not pick up a pair of cosy winter socks! There are novelty pop culture socks†such as The Simpsons Krusty The Clown Socks, or festive socks such as the Globe Nordic Deluxe Socks. Also, we have plenty of scarves and hats to keep you toasty and warm. We have beanies and bobbles, caps and snapback which could all make a†neat and snug stocking filler. There are plenty of nerdy hat designs with Star Wars and TMNT, or we even have official NFL bobbles such as the New Era Yankees Essential Beanie in blue or grey!

All thatís left to do now is go ahead and have a browse of our Christmas gift selection! You can not only pick up the perfect stocking filler, but also a little bargain for yourself! The time to start Christmas shopping is now, so let the shopping spree begin!

Which stocking filler are you hoping Santa will pick up for you this year? Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let us know what you’re wishing for!

Written By Sam Oliver