The Sickest Tattoo Artists Around – Part 3

In February we posted the exciting final instalment in our ‘Sickest Tattoo Artists’ series… And yet we’re back again! We just couldn’t resist nosing around at more awesome tattoo designs and so we’re here to share with you five more of our favourite tattoo artists!

We know how difficult it can be to the get the perfect tattoo design – and why would you want to settle for anything less than perfect with something so permanent? So here are a handful of artists we can confidently say will give you tatt like no other! Each has their own unique style and look, meaning that you should choose wisely depending on what style you’d like. Sure, you might have to travel halfway around the world to get the help of some these artists, but once you see their designs, we think you’ll agree that they’re worth your time!

So if you’re ready to get yourself the tatt of a lifetime, get reading! You’re guaranteed to fall in love with a tattoo artist or two with part three of Blue Banana’s ‘The Sickest Tattoo Artists Around’! (Read part one here and both halves of part two here and here).


Amber Bananafish of the Bananafish Tattoo Parlour has really blown us away with her cool and quirky tattoo designs. Based in New Albany in Indiana, Amber has over ten years of tattooing experience under her belt and has many satisfied customers – as her Instagram shows! She’s tattooed just about everything from lucky cats to wolves and Calvin and Hobbes to Pennywise the Clown! We were particularly impressed by her pop culture tattoos, which simply ooze with style! So if you’re ever in the Indiana area and are looking for a tattoo, you know where to go…


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Working for Bang ang Forever in New York – far away again, we know! – Georgia Grey has captivated us with her bright and low-key tattoo designs. They’re delicate and detailed – made of careful lines and gorgeous bursts of colour. Like Amber Bananafish, she has dabbled with a number of different designs; she’s done simple animal tattoos – such as this gorgeous elephant – as well as more pop culture centric ones, such as this incredible The Legend Of Zelda inspired one. If you’re looking to get a tattoo filled with delicate details, then Georgia Grey might be your best bet… There’s just something about her style that’s unlike anything else!


Just take a quick glance at Federico’s Instagram and you’ll soon understand why we love his tattoo work so much. Lions? Wolves? Crows? Dogs wearing hats? Yes – count us in! Federico appears to specialise in tattoos of animals in particular and all of them seem to be incredibly well-done. It’s hard to find a tattoo artist with this much sheer talent! If you want to enlist Federico in helping you get the perfect tatt, then you’ll have to travel Santa Paciencia Tattoo Studio in Seville, Spain. We think it’s worth it, personally.


We will try to restrain ourselves from gushing about Tomas Garcia too much, but dang, this guy can design tattoos! Just like Federico, this guy’s Instagram really speaks for itself. His work features an emphasis on dot work, giving him a definite unique edge over a lot of other tattoo artists. There’s just something so distinctive about his style that we can’t help but love. Whether he’s tattooing a skull or jukebox or a tortoise, it’s guaranteed to have his own unique stamp on it. If you don’t mind travelling out to Old Soul in Canonsburg, America then definitely consider getting this guy to ink you!


The last tattooist in this instalment but certainly not the least, there’s no denying that Palva has some ultra-mad skills! She has done a number of intricate and heavily detailed designs that we can’t help but love, bring her own edge to everything she draws. Like all of the artists we mentioned, she has her own unique style. If you’re not against travelling out to Slovakia’s, then we definitely recommend enlisting Palva’s tattoo services from Poppy Tattoo!

So there you have it, five more tattoo artists we’re totally gaga for! Is this the final instalment of the series? Who knows! Keep your eyes peeled and maybe it’ll resurface once again…

If you’ve had any killer tattoos done recently, be sure to show ‘em off to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We’re always up for seeing an awesome tatt!

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