Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery: The Vintage Copper Pink Gold

Do you find yourself drawn like a magpie towards all things sparkly? Then you are sure to have heard of the colour rose gold by now. This pinky colour is sweeping through all social media and stores and we hope it is here to stay. The copper pink finish gives a gorgeous vintage look to the jewellery which we think you will love. Matching clothes style and jewellery has never been easier. Here at Blue Banana we now have elegant rose gold piercing jewellery and we couldn’t be more excited about it!


Can’t keep your hands off rose gold costume jewellery? We have plenty of types of piercing covered in our rose gold piercing jewellery collection.

The Magic Qualities of Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery

Before we dive in to our fabulous jewellery range first you need to know why rose gold jewellery is so special. As if we weren’t already in love with this stunning colour, rose gold also has great qualities for wearing in piercings. Firstly rose gold piercing jewellery is hypoallergenic which is good news if you struggle with other materials. Rose gold has a low allergy level due to being an unreactive material. Secondly, our jewellery is all rose gold plated so you know there is strong sturdy surgical steel underneath that rosy pink finish. Finally, it is corrosion resistant which means you will get to shine for longer.

Still looking for an excuse to buy some rose gold piercing jewellery? Now we have got the facts out of the way let’s explore some chic sparkly jewels!

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Show me the Jewels! Rose Gold Jewellery This Way

Blue Banana Rose Gold Seamless Ring – Use this pinky ring for a variety of piercings and accessorize with a rose gold nose ring, daith, rook, helix or rim piercing. This subtle sleek shape will look smart and timeless. It is easy to insert and close meaning you can change your jewellery at home. This classic rose gold piercing jewellery will add the cute finishing touch to your outfit and leave you with an on trend look.

Hoop Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery Seamless Ring

Instagrammers and piercers are getting creative with rose gold piercing jewellery. Doesn’t this piercing combo from @kathy_tcnoire look awesome?!?

Blue Banana Rose Gold Star Tragus Stud – This rose gold tragus jewellery has some added sparkle. This star shape has gem detailing with dainty rose gold balls to the tips and centre. The jewellery post is made of rose gold for that hypoallergenic bonus but the gems still shows off your bling side. With this sweet accessory you can achieve a fun summer look or for an alternative style it can be paired with party outfits for a more glam effect.

Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery Tragus Star Stud with Gems

Blue Banana Rose Gold Daith Heart Ring – Daith piercings look the cutest with heart shaped jewellery. Now you can add a twist and increase the level of cuteness with this copper pink Daith heart ring. Sitting nicely in your inner ear this shape implies you are a free spirit ready to explore the world.

Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery Heart Daith Ring

@littleredbeanie got creative with her heart rose gold piercing jewellery. We love this cute picture!

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Blue Banana Rose Gold Double Jewelled Navel Bar (Rose) – Are you a pinky rose girl? Then go all out with this Rose gem navel bar. This jewellery is not only is it made of rose gold plated surgical steel but it also has princess pink gems. We have plenty of other colours to choose from if it is just too much pink for you! Whichever your colour you will be sure to shimmer with this belly bar. Why not show off your piercing with a crop top or for a super summer look head to the beach and pair with a bikini.

Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery Navel Bar with Pink Gems

Box of Treasure with Rose Gold Piercing Jewellery

If you would like to turn the world rose gold then what better way to start with your rose gold piercing jewellery. With so many piercing options why not try a rose gold combo? If you give rose gold a try we would love to see the results on Facebook and Twitter.

Written By Amy McEvoy