Reading Festival: What You Need To Know Before You Go!

If you’re one of the lucky people who’ll be heading off to Reading Festival later this month, then firstly; we’re crazy jealous. Secondly, you NEED to read this blog before you go. Obviously, you’re gonna know all about things like the lineup, where you’re gonna camp and how you’re getting to and from the festival, but do you know where you can buy Pringles at 3am? Probably not!

Because we’re awesome people, we’ve created an essential guide, packed with what you need to know before you go. So if you’ve ever wondered if you can catch a film at midnight, enjoy some gastronomical delights or buy some emergency socks – all without leaving the festival site, then this is the guide for you!



Reading Festival: Crowd Shot


This sounds nerdy as heck, but if you devote a little time to planning who you want to see the day before you go, you can be sure to tick off all your must-see acts and not miss out on anything! You can either get crafty and create yourself a timetable (Laminate it, so it won’t get ruined should you get caught in a downpour!) or use a site like Clashfinder (Take screenshots on your phone if you want to save your data) to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your faves.


Reading Festival: Food Truck

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We think with our stomachs here at BBHQ and we always check out what kind of food will be on offer at a festival before we go. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we saw that we could get our greedy little hands on pizza, pulled pork, crepes and tacos all in one place! Whether you supplement your food stash with a few cheeky meals or exclusively dine on this epic array of food truck eats, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a pretty amazing time working through the menu. Plus, Reading Festival have published the prices for their food options already, so you can work out your nom budget before you go!

If you’d rather cook your grub yourself, then there’s also a supermarket in the Orange Campsite where you can get snacks, booze or the ingredients to cook an epic fry up with. They also sell a small range of toiletries and camping gear, so if you realise you’ve forgotten something important, you can grab it there! For a full list of items stocked, take a peek at the Camping Info page over on the official Reading Festival site.


Reading Festival: Fairground


On the off chance that you get bored of a steady stream of incredible bands and good times with your friends, there’s some awesome extra entertainment on offer at Reading Festival. There’s a trio of Silent Tents (One in the Arena that’s set up after the Alternative Stage has finished and two in the campsites) that are perfect for doing something a little different. If you’re getting TV withdrawals, then you should check out the Cinema Tent! Showing a variety of films and short features from midnight until the early hours of the morning, you can get your fix all weekend long. Last but not least, there’s our favourite attraction; the fairground! The queues may be lengthy, but the wait is oh-so-worthwhile.


Reading Festival: Music Angel Charger

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This year, Music Angel Mobile Charging will be at Reading Festival to keep your phones fully charged all weekend long! If you’re addicted to Snapchat, obsessed with live Tweeting your every move or endlessly texting sweet nothings to your crush, then you’ll be pleased to know that for under 30, you can get UNLIMITED CHARGING. Not only do you get a fully juiced phone, but ALL of the profits from this go directly to a charity that provides power to children in developing nations. Pretty awesome, huh? There are 3 stalls dotted across the festival site, so you can’t miss ’em and if you pre-order, you’ll save some cash!


Reading Festival: Lockers


If you don’t want to carry all your valuables with you into the arena, but you don’t want to leave them unsecured in the tent, then you need to hire a locker. For less than the price of a crate of beer, you can rent a secure locker for the entire weekend and know that you’ve kept your stuff safely stashed whilst you’re off having a good time! With a few different sizes available, you can snag yourself one of these bad boys by visiting the ticketing page on the official Reading Festival Site.


Reading Festival: ID Card


“Why do I need ID?” we hear you cry! Well, where should we begin? You’re gonna need to prove your age and identity to gain entry to the festival, to purchase alcohol or age restricted items and in case you rent any equipment.  Photocopies aren’t accepted, so make sure you keep your docs safe! If you don’t want to take your Passport or Driving License with you, then the Reading Festival organisers suggest getting a PASS card to serve as proof of age and identity.


Reading Festival: Packing Flatlay

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You’re gonna read a million and one blogs and articles that tell you the importance of bringing dozens of changes of clothing, pretty much every accessory you own and tons of toiletries; but we’re here to tell you that YOU DON’T NEED THAT SH*T! The team here at Blue Banana are Reading regulars and have become pro’s at making sure they pack only what’s necessary. So, with that in mind, check out our ULTIMATE READING FESTIVAL PACKING LIST!



  • Bring a t shirt/vest/dress/play suit for each day you’re away from home, plus a spare in case of emergencies.
  • You can probably get away with one pair of jeans/leggings/trousers and one pair of shorts or a skirt to see you through the entire festival, but ensure you’ve packed some fresh threads for the day you leave, ‘cos clean clothes are the bomb diggity after a few days of dealing with festival washing facilities!
  • Clean socks can save your life. Ok, perhaps that’s a wee bit dramatic, but NEVER under estimate the blissful feeling of popping on some clean, fresh socks after a long day on your feet. Bring a few pairs with you, or prepare to feel crazy jealous of the guy strutting his stuff in a fetching socks ‘n sandals combo…y’know that he didn’t slouch on the packing front…
  • A lightweight, water resistant jacket is ALWAYS a safe bet. Something that can pack away into it’s own little pouch is even better, as you can stick it in your bumbag or pocket and always be prepared for what passes for the ‘Great British Summer’. Plus, it saves you from dropping cash on one of those hideous yellow ponchos when the heavens open.
  • A hoodie, sweatshirt or jumper will keep you warm and cosy when the nighttime chill sets in and stops you from wearing your sleeping bag 24/7.


  • If you simply can’t live without bringing a collection of belts, wristbands and necklaces, then try to pare down your collection to the bare minimum. These puppies will just take up precious food space in your backpack.
  • ALWAYS pack sunglasses. Whether you grab a few cheapo pairs at the petrol station or spring for some luxe prescription shades, you won’t regret bringing them along. Not only will they protect your peepers from the sun, but they’ll hide a multitude of hangover related sins!
  • A hat of some description is TOTALLY NECESSARY. To save yourself from novelty headgear hell (Unless they’re your bag, in which case, you do you.), bring along a hat you’ll actually want to wear. Not only will you look as cool as f*ck, you’ll prevent yourself from the sun and hide a bad hair day in the process.


  • ‘Cos we’re big believers in the 5 P’s, we’ve created this essential guide to keeping it clean at a festival. You can thank us in the comments. ?


Need help getting in the festival spirit? We’ve got your back jack.

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Written By BlueBanana