Pop Culture Sale: Nerd Gifts For Gaming, TV and Films

The sale you have all been waiting for has landed at Blue Banana - the Up To 60% Off Pop Culture Merch Sale! So you spotted some awesome nerd gifts when you were browsing at Christmas but nobody took the hint and bought them for you? Well now you can treat yourself in our promo event and bag your dream presents for a cut price. 

With so many categories, films and merch to browse through, we know you don't need our help finding exactly what you are looking for; but here is a brief look at some of our favourites. If Blue Banana had to make their own wishlist this is the merch we would be dreaming about. We are proud to stock great nerd gifts and hope you all take pride in your wonderfully nerdy personalities.

TV Merch Nerd Gift Ideas

If you just love to geek out over TV merch then do we have the best shows for you! We want to share gifts for geeks and nerds UK and worldwide to bring everyone the joy of these fantastic TV series. First up we have Star Trek - this tee actually comes in a range of colours, all of which can be found in our sale but we have got to admit we love a bit of Spock blue.  

The next show needs no introduction, it is of course Game Of Thrones. This series has been a huge hit so is sure to make you outfit look awesome. If you are rooting for the Targaryens then this is the shirt for you.

Last but not least we have Rick and Morty. Since the last season ended we have missed this mad scientist and his grandson which is why we absolutely adore this t shirt.

Superhero and Supervillain Nerd Gifts UK

Our next trio of products are these superhero baseball caps. If you are a sucker for a snapback then check out these hats from your favourite heroes - Captain America, Iron Man and Superman. There are plenty more in our sale too from both DC and Marvel, so if you are stuck for present ideas, we think these make the perfect gifts for men. These can also look awesome on girls too!

We love this supervillain so much that we thought we would give you some amazing discounts on The Joker tees. We loved him in Suicide Squad and were totally petrified by him in The Dark Night. As far as bad guys go, they don't get much more evil than this comic book character. These unisex T shirts make the perfect geek gifts for him and nerdy gifts for her, so why not buy your favourite couple a matching set.

Gaming Gifts

Love retro gaming? Whether you are looking for something at a pocket money price or are looking to spend a little more for that signature item, we are confident you will find the perfect piece. 

The Pac-Man Ghost Light is sure to look fab in your bedroom or on your desk. The Sonic The Hedgehog Game Over Pen set will remind you of this iconic character, back when he was 2D! If you are on the look out for funny nerd gifts then we think you will love the Nintendo Super Mario Badge Pack. It looks as if all the characters have visited a photo booth and created their own buttons - there's even one of all the gang together!

We wish we could create an even longer list but part of the fun is browsing for yourself. So head over to our sale and fulfill all your nerd gifts needs. 

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Written By Amy McEvoy

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