Check Out The New Vibrant Hype Bag Range

If you’ve been looking for something that perfectly represents your unique alternative style, check out these awesome Hype Bags!

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We’re sure by now you’re aware you can get just about anything on the Blue Banana! From camping gear to some of the best gothic fashion and accessories we stock it all. Whether you love your pop culture or just love making sure your style is a little edgy and extravagant, Blue Banana is always your one stop shop. But nothing screams alternative fashion more than our new Hype Backpacks range!

The Hype. Clothing range have so gratefully graces us with some of the craziest quirkiest designs on the planet so you’ll always be able to carry some extra hype with you wherever you go with some of these hype bags. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, if you’re looking for a new back to school rucksack and be the king of the playground, there really is no other brand to go for!

Don’t forget! We’re also offering FREE UK DELIVERY on all of our Hype backpacks for all UK customers!

So with that, check out some of the awesome styles available within the Hype backpacks bag range. Also check out the full hype bags section and view all the crazy and vibrant styles here!

Believe the Hype Of The Holographic Hype Bags

If you’ve been trying to one up your friends and get the finest, flashiest alternative style their is; you’ll love these holographic style hypeclothing bags. Not only does this epic style draw all the attention to your incredible fashion choice but it will also make you feel amazing with it’s extra padded back panel and straps to give you extra comfort. As well as this, the flashy polyurethane design means that as well as being easy to clean, this hype backpack will also be incredibly wearing and durable. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a flamboyant style and invest in a long lasting backpack with the Hype Holographic Coffee (Bronze) Backpack!

Cool and Crazy Back to School Bags

But if you would rather get yourself a cool backpack that gives you a vibrant yet sophisticated style, look no further than these just hype crazy backpacks. If your heading back to school in September then the best way to get yourself ahead of the game has to be with some of these awesome styles. We’ve got funky designs such as the Hype Marble Run Backpack featuring a gorgeous blue/green color run effect as well as the Hype Autumn Berries Backpack for those who just can’t get enough of nature. Check the full backpack selection here!

Special Speckle Hype Backpacks

Art lovers rejoice! If you love your arts and crafts or just bright fancy colours, you’ll absolutely adore these hype bags. Featuring an array of colours and designs these incredible backpacks feature a gorgeous speckle design, and the best bit? They’re available in almost any colour combination! Get the ultimate back to school backpack here!

Beautilful Block Colour Hype Rucksacks

But if you would rather go for an all over one colour rucksack, then don’t rule our the amazing range of block colour hype. clothing backpacks. Even though compared to the other styles that are available in the hype bags range, these can be considered to be a little lacking; within this style range you’ll be able to find a bright and gorgeous colour to fit your every style! Shop Hype clothing online here!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins