Our 5 Hottest Accessory Trends – Starting 2017 In True Style

With 2017 well under way, you might just be able to hear those faint echoing words of ‘new year… new me’ resounding somewhere in the distance. If you’re tired of donning the same old clothes day in day out, then January is the perfect time of year to re-invent your look. With 11 months, well… 337 days to be exact, worth of blank slates to let your creative juices wild upon, here at Blue Banana we thought we’d help you out on your way to accessory stardom! Everyone knows that you can make or break a look through the simple addition of an item or selection of jewellery items, so we’re here to give you a quick run-down of our 5 favourite accessory trends that are sure to make a comeback in 2017!

So here, in no particular order, are our Top 5 Accessory Trends fit for 2017!

  1. Chokers

Okay, okay… we know these were a thing waaaaaay back, but surprisingly they’ve re-surfaced and oh my… we forgot how good they can look! Evoking that mildly gothic style from the not-too-distant 90’s, the choker is the perfect accessory for those looking to add that extra edge to their ensemble. With celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Taylor Swift, and the omnipresent Kylie Jenner all being seen in the neck-worn wonders, there’s no surprise that the choker is a go-to fashion favourite!

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, why not check out or extensive range of choker jewellery for yourself! If you’re seeking a quick and easy way to totally transform your look, then why not check out the Blue Banana Lace Bead Choker, or if you’re looking to dazzle then check out the Golden Steampunk Sparkle Cameo Choker! Whatever your style, interest, or budget, accessorising with a choker is a safe and effective way to vamp up your look! gg

2. Heavy Chained Statement Pendants

A sure fire way to get some attention flowing in your direction, statement pendants and heavy chained necklaces are sure to be a must have this 2017! Whether you’re a fan of steampunk or just love quirky and alternative jewellery, statement pendants are a fast and effective way to get those gazes! Gaining a large amount of attraction due to their rustic, artisan, and unique style, statement necklaces are still very much in trend!

Statement Pendant Accessory

If you’re seeking an accessory that applies a fast and effective edge to your look, then why not check out the Alchemy Gothic Eventide Pendant! Blending Pearls, Crystals, and Pewter, this pendant necklace oozes sophistication! However, if you’re looking for a more solitary piece, then why not check out the Alchemy Gothic Steamhammer Pendant Necklace. A blend of both nautical and gothic influences, this necklace will surely ensure your look smooth sailing!

A step up from single pendants, our range of heavy chained and statement pendants are perfect for any occasion! Kick 2017 off in style, and rock your look with the help of our extensive range of statement necklaces!

3. The Layered Bracelet Effect

When will wristbands ever NOT be in fashion?! I mean it really is what it says on the tin! Layering bracelets, or by grouping more than one, creates a funky and desirable effect that is super easy to attain! Whatever your style or look, layering all your favourite bracelets together is the perfect way to give your outfit that showstopping finishing touch. Adding a welcome splash of colour to your ensemble, layering bracelets is also the perfect way to rack up all your past favourites, carrying them with you as your style develops throughout 2017!

Wristband Accessory

It doesn’t matter what style you’re into, layering bracelets is a fun and colourful way to express your individual style! If you’re looking to add a few more bracelets to your existing collection or are simply looking to start your own bracelet brigade, check out our extensive selection of bracelets today – you’re guaranteed to find something! Whether you’re after a quirky new fabric festival wristband such as those pertinent to your favourite musical band, be it AC/DC or 5 Seconds Of Summer, we’ve got your wrists all wrapped up!

Whatever your wrist desires are, you’ll be sure to find a fix here at Blue Banana!

4. Ear Cuffs/Single Earrings

Asymmetry is the new Symmetry! Boasting rebellious, adventurous, and gothic undertones ear cuffs are sure to make a comeback in 2017! First seen floating around waaay back in the 90’s, ear cuffs and single earrings are a quick and effective way of showcasing your individual style. Whoever said you HAD to wear a pair of earrings has never been so wrong! Why settle for one style when you can showcase more than one… the sky really is the limit. Similarly, with the help of celebs such as Rita Ora, Jessie J, and Kiera Knightly this staple jewellery necessity is sure to become your new BFF in 2017!

Ear Cuff Accessory

Why settle for a pair of studded earrings when you can rock that gothic punk look! If you’re seeking something a little more quirky then why not check out the Alchemy Gothic Impalare Cross Single Earring! Guaranteed to get heads turning in your direction, this pewter delight is sure to please. However, if you’re seeking something a little more dainty, then why not check out the Alchemy Gothic Chaosium Cuff Stud Single Earring – perfect for any occasion!

So, say goodbye to the terrible two’s and embrace the single earring trend! The perfect way to accessories in detail, our broad range of earring jewellery will keep you in awe for hours!

5. Panja’s/Hand Bracelets

Lace Wrist Accessory


A sure fire way to maintain that dainty and elegant persona well into 2017, panja’s and hand bracelets will keep your style alive whatever the occasion. Influenced by both Indian and Victorian culture, these slightly gothic delights ooze class and sophistication. Working wonders when paired with a classic style dress, or as part of a more elaborate ensemble, these gorgeous accessories will be your next go-to wristwear this 2017.

A quick and effortless way to add that little extra something to your look, why not check out the Cameo Lace Arm Band or the Lace & Jewel Panja!

So there you have it, our complete round-up of our Top 5 Accessory Trends that are sure to be high flyers in 2017! Whatever your look, ensure you rock it out in style with the help of Blue Banana!

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Written By BlueBanana