New Hex Bombs: Goth Bath Bombs Galore At Blue Banana!

Are you ready for this year’s new Hex bombs range!?!?! Hex Bombs are back with new colours ready for your pampering days and fabulous bath times.

Bath times will never be dull with these hot new Hex bombs colours! Get ready for a gothic dip. Hex bombs look like the work of a sorcerer as they disappear down the plughole. You will want to lounge in the bath for hours especially because these goth bath bombs feel great as well as looking amazing. For an extra bonus all Hex bombs are vegan friendly.

New Hex Bombs Will Have You Swapping Showers For Baths

Always been more of a shower fan? Well with the new Hex bombs range you may think again. Brighten up your bathroom with a bold Hex bomb but don’t worry, once you pull the plug out you won’t be left with any stains. All the bombs are scented so be sure to check out the scents as well as the colours.
Can’t wait for your next bath time? Then we are here to help you choose a favourite.

For a bomb that is as black as your soul try out the Nether new Hex bomb. Popular with instagrammers for its super awesome Goth bath time effect. Gone are the gentle pastel colours of the traditional bath bomb. Make way for the new bold colours of the Hex bombs. Don’t let this Hex bomb give you nightmares with its metallic black spooky colour.

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Lore)
    This misty effect Lore, new Hex bomb will leave you feeling like you are in an elvish wonderland. With a hocus pocus, fairy vibe to the colour the silvery white magic will soothe and relax you. Transport yourself to a different world as you relax in the milky water. The shimmering surface is mesmerising and is sure to help you chill out after a long day.

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Divinity)
    The Divinity Hex bomb will turn your water a gorgeous deep purple. This Goth bath bomb will bring out the colours of the night and make you feel like a wild enchanter. With a sweet tutti fruity scent this is sure to brighten up your day and make you smell good enough to eat. Send yourself into a state of relaxation with this metallic violet Hex bomb.

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Visions)
    This golden yellow Visions new Hex bomb will give the illusion of bathing in honey but will help you feel silky soft. Releasing the scent of cedar wood and white willow, your bath and body will smell heavenly. This fun bright colour will put the enjoyment back into your bath. Be careful not to lose your rubber duck in this yellow haze!

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Rebirth)
    Drop this fizzing bath bomb into your tub to turn it into a cauldron. New Hex Bomb, Rebirth will release a forest flowers aroma so you will leave the bathroom smelling like a forest elf. As well as a natural scent, the Hex bomb also uses only natural ingredients so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Embers)
    With the Embers new Hex bomb you will feel like you are hatching a dragon’s egg in your bath. A bright orange colour bursts and fizzes from this bath bomb releasing a refreshing citrus grove fragrance. This pumpkin coloured Hex bomb would be perfect for saving until Halloween. The shimmering surface gives a depth to the colour and brings back the fun to your bath.

  • Hex Bomb Bath Bomb (Dominion)
    Dominion is the ultimate goth bath bomb releasing a deep metallic blood red into your tub. This bath bomb is especially fabulous for photographing. Plan your underwater gothic photoshoot and enjoy the freaky effect of this new Hex bomb. The colour is so vibrant and yet will not stain your skin or bath.

Indulge With New Hex Bombs

If you are due a pamper session then make sure you include a new Hex bomb on your wishlist. We love this idea of using a foot spa so you can Hex together! These gothic fizzies will help you indulge in some relaxation time.

Whichever is your favourite be sure to show off your new Hex bomb on Blue Banana’s social media and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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