A Fresh Footwear Look: Take a Look at Our New Dr Martens Boots

If you love to wear high-quality boots with a bit more oomph then you’ll know all about Dr Martens and the remarkable manufacturing process that makes their boots a cut above the rest. Those who love meaty boots that suit all sorts of Alternative styles from Gothic to Punk can rejoice. Blue Banana has added a whole series of new Dr Martens Boots to our store just for you. Dr Martens have you covered on all styles, whether you’re looking for a classic 1460 boot with a funky design, a vegan-friendly option, or a stylish work shoe.

You may not already aware of the features that are available in all Dr Martens Boots. Let us give you some of the reasons why these are the best quality. The primary feature is the soles of these boots. You have to put some soul into your work and the people at Dr Martens have created a special Goodyear welting technique. They combine heat with the stitching process so that the soles are extra durable. Furthermore, they are specially air cushioned. That means while you’re hanging around your stomping grounds, you will feel way more comfortable. You can’t say that about ordinary soled shoes. But wait, there’s more. The soles are resistant to Oil, Fat, Acid, Petrol and Alkali so they’re easy to clean no matter the situation.

On top of everything that the soles provides, the leather used for the rest of the boot is hand dyed and while stiff at first will mold itself to your foot and ankle making them more comfortable than other boots. The material is also thick and durable to keep up with your rocking lifestyle. So if you think that an ultra durable pair of new Dr Martens boots sounds like a deal too good to pass up on, let’s take a look at some of the amazing options available to you today.

A Pair for Every Situation

We understand that you want a durable pair of boots that can stand the test of time. If you’re like most people who have to look reasonably smart for their job, you know the pain of replacing your shoes every year or two. Having to fork over cash for something you don’t really want to buy anyway. With these Doc Martens, you can invest in a long lasting pair so you don’t have to waste money again and again for boots and shoes that just won’t last. These smart shoes will look professional while also having the durable and comfortable soles and leather of Dr Martens. So whether you’re looking for ladies Polley or 8065 shoes or some pull on Chelsea boots, you will be working in style.

Special Styles of New Dr Martens Boots

We have some really different boots that will interest all kinds of people. The Metallic Pascal boots are perfect for those who love the classic Dr Martens look but want to shine. If you would prefer to keep your tastes more animal-friendly than the twill canvas of the Serge Vegan boots are a stylish look without compromising on morals. Another one of the more interesting boots in our collection is the Arcadia 1460 boots that originally look very dark but not for long. These special boots are made from rub off leather so that while you’re wearing these boots and help them develop character, they will begin to show more and more of the bright Cherry Red underneath. This means that no two shoes will be the same and you will own a 100% unique pair of boots that have been there for all the interesting moments of the next several years.

Get a Funky Design with Your Boots

If you’ve already had a pair of plain coloured Doc Martens, chances are they’re still working well. If you’ve had them for years you may want to add to your options with a new pair. Either in a different colour or design. Well, we have a few new Dr Martens boots with very interesting designs to suit your tastes. If you love all things nature then you will love the Darcy Floral Boots. This boot features a myriad of multicoloured flowers to create a superb floral pattern that looks retro. If you’re looking for a little more sparkle, get the Glitter Pascal Boots which feature a glitter rainbow effect. These would be perfect for special occasions as you wouldn’t want to take them anywhere and potentially ruin the glitter effect. The Pascal Union Jack Boots are a perfect addition to any proud punks outfit. They feature a layered union flag effect using hand dyed leathers that create a bulky 3D effect.

Cool Britannia. The Union Jack Pascal boot subverts the iconic flag for a statement style. Link in bio.

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So those were just some of our amazing options from the New Dr Martens Boots in our collection. You’re probably inspired to see what makes Dr Martens the best quality boots around. Check out our Dr Martens Section where you can compare the options and decide which style suits you best.

Did you fall in love with any of these boots? Is there a pair that you simply cannot live without? If you end up purchasing a pair then be sure to send a selfie to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We really love seeing people enjoy our products.

Written By BlueBanana