The New Alternative Style Clothing Ranges At Blue Banana!

Alternative fashion is all about standing away from mainstream and commercial styles in order to give yourself a style that truly represents you. Instead of conforming to generic fashion trends it's all about picking the freshest colourful garments and styles and mixing them to make something totally unique to you. As we're sure you're aware, Blue Banana has a wide variety of garments to allow you to truly let your fashion find it's feet. This can be seen with some of our favourite outfit choices from Dr Martens to gothic/alternative authorities such as Banned! With this in mind we're here to show you the next alternative style clothing range for early 2018 and help you get your next alternative outfits off to a flying start.

As well as your general daily items of clothing such as tops and trousers, we've also got some of the newest alternative dresses so you can prepare yourself to an ultimate summer look. Check out our new in section here or keep reading for more insight into the next wave of 2018's alternative fashion trends.

Women's 2018 Alternative Styles

Within the new range of styles that are available from Blue Banana, there are some jaw dropping alternative style clothing from top brands Banned & Voodoo Vixxen. Whether you're into style that is a little bit gothic and eccentric or fabulously vintage; there are some new items that will totally blow you away. New garments such as the Banned Mystic Chick Pentagram Vest Top feature gorgeously gothic contrast design with pentagram cut outs on the back; whereas the Voodoo Vixxen tops we have acquired will perfectly finish off your 60's look. Check out some of the styles below:

Are you looking to plan for the summer? Then don't worry! We now have some of the hottest Voodoo Vixxen vintage dresses that will compliment your summer wardrobe. The bright colours, classic styles and motif designs are everything you need gain one step ahead of new alternative fashion trends. Check them out below!

Men's 2018 Alternative Styles

Although you can always count on an official band tee to get your alternative look on point, it's always good to try something new. Our alternative fashion store now has the latest range of Criminal Damage merchandise and we think you'll love it! As well as cool hoodies with amazing tattoo styles, we also have a new range of tops and skinny jeans that will bring your alternative look to the next level. Check out the full Criminal Damage section here for more fashion inspiration!

Alternative Rock Fashion Accessories

Although clothing is probably the easiest way to upgrade your alternative look; you'd be silly not to take it even further. Using cosmetics is a great way to add colour, style and make your look totally new. Luckily for the freshest alternative style, we've also got a new range of cosmetics. We're sure you're very aware of all of the unicorn and colour trends that are going on at the moment; so why not incorporate it into your look? Check out the full Barry M section here and add colours from 'Under The Sea' with their new range of nail paints or take it one step further with their holographic eye shadow! 

Check out the full range of hair dye and multi buy ranges here or have a look at some of our new cosmetics below:

So there you have it! The new alternative style clothing ranges at Blue Banana. We're always getting new items so be sure to check back in and book mark our new in section! Like what you see? Connect with us through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Written By Oliver Jenkins