We Talk Gothic Fashion & More With Midnight And Lace

We are kicking off this year by chatting to some of the best alternative fashion bloggers out there! If you are looking for style inspiration, advice and plenty of fun then these are the blogs to follow! For our first interview Blue Banana had the chance to chat to Robyn who has set up her own blog called Midnight and Lace. She loves all things gothic fashion, Halloween and Tim Burton so we were excited to learn more! 

If you have never read Midnight and Lace before then you have come to the right place to discover a new alternative fashionista!

How would you describe your blog to someone who has never read it before?

Midnight and Lace is an alternative fashion and lifestyle blog where I like to celebrate individuality. I’ve always known I was quite different to everyone else and started Midnight and Lace as a place where I could showcase this and encourage others to be true to themselves! Personal style is something that’s so important to me, I use fashion to showcase who I am as a person and I love sharing that on my blog. Midnight and Lace is definitely a place where the unusual is encouraged!

We love a unique sense of style and can certainly see Robyn knows how to put together a killer outfit so we wanted to know who/what influences your style?

My style is largely influenced by inspirational goth girls I grew up loving! Growing up I loved characters like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz and they still continue to inspire and influence my style in such a huge way! Being a blogger, I’m inspired by other bloggers who have a killer and unique style like Zoe London and Foxxtailz and I find myself being inspired by their creativity and how they embrace their personal style. I’ve always liked being different and have always found my style to be a way to express what makes me different. 

One thing we do know about Robyn is that she absolutely loves Tim Burton - check her out in our Nightmare Before Christmas T Shirt! So we asked the million dollar question.

If you could be a Tim Burton character which would you be?

Awwh this is the hardest question! I’m such a huge Tim Burton fan, so much so that I dedicated a series on my blog to recreating my favourite Burton characters! I think I’d have to say Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice because she is just the ultimate goth icon! I have been living by Lydia Deetz quote “I, myself, am strange and unusual” since I was little and even have it tattooed as a permanent reminder. I just love her whole style and how she embraced and rocked the dark side!

Midnight and Lace: Blue Banana Top 5

Feeling inspired to start your own blog? It can be a scary task, right? So we wanted to know do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own fashion blog? 

My advice would be to stay true to who you are your own personal style! Starting an alternative fashion blog can seem really daunting because our style is so different to what is typically being represented across social media. I remember feeling like such an outsider when I first got into fashion blogging because my style was so different to all the other fashion bloggers, but that’s what makes you unique! I feel like I have finally found my place online and being able to represent myself and my style through blogging has given me so much happiness and confidence! 

You have to have a true passion for sharing your style and creating content because it takes up so much time and energy, so you have to have that passion and drive for creating content because blogging pretty much takes up all your free time, but I wouldn't change it for the world! If you are thinking about wanting to start your own fashion blog then all I can say is go for it because you never know what might happen! 

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Written By Amy McEvoy