Metal T Shirts & More in This Week’s Band Merchandise Sale

It's sale time! With this week's awesome sale we're pleased to announce that you can get UP TO 60% OFF band merchandise. In this week's promo blog we're going for a full metal focus as we look at metal t shirts from some of this year's biggest and most relevant bands. Some rockin' savings on your next big band tee purchase are sure to make wearing your new merch that little bit sweeter. Let's take a look at some heavy band merch from some of the biggest and best bands in the business.

Bullet For My Valentine T Shirts

Bullet are back with new songs to get us set up for the rest of 2018. We are loving the new tune 'Over It' although there are plenty of more BFMV songs currently being released into the metal-verse! If you are super excited for their new album 'Gravity' then why not channel your excitement into some classic band merchandise? We have a selection of kickass merch from all of their best albums and tours - you certainly won't be disappointed! Have a blast of 'Over It' if you haven't had the chance to already!

If you're catching Bullet For My Valentine on tour this year, or even if you're heading to Download, we think you'll mightily appreciate some of these awesome band tees. Prices start at £10.19 for BFMV tees!

Slipknot T Shirts

Can Slipknot just release a new album already? Teases of new content have extended our expectations into a new album for 2019 – and that’s just too far away! The heavy metal entourage (led by Corey Taylor) are sure to be cooking up some awesome new songs and the impatience is simply killing us!


If you want to make sure your band tee collection is topped up with some of the best Slipknot T shirts then you need to check out our range. This week’s sale features plenty of (sic) designs that’ll you want to get your hands on. With tees, hoodies, wristbands and more - you could fill an entire wardrobe with our current range of Slipknot merch!

Five Finger Death Punch T Shirts

Hard rockers Five Finger Death Punch are back with new songs and a brand new album next month. The album ‘And Justice for None’, promises more hard-hitting anthems and songs to add to FFDP’s already impressive music ensemble. We’ve already been given two new songs so far: ‘Fake’ & ‘Sham-Pain’. Have a listen to ‘Fake’ if you haven’t already (and please note the explicit content warning!).

If you’re feeling ready to rock with Five Finger Death Punch this year, then we have some classic T shirts still in stock. The classic knuckle duster and skeleton designs are all drawn by rhythm guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who always ensures that fans get the very best album artwork and awesome merch to match. Check out our Five Finger Death Punch T shirts and merch below.

Avenged Sevenfold T Shirts

2018 is certainly the year to be sporting your very best Avenged Sevenfold tee. The band is attending plenty of big festivals this year including Download! If you wanna hail to one of the best metal bands then now is your chance. You'll never be disappointed with an A7X tee as all include bold and exciting designs with deathbat, skulls and zombies galore! Check out some of our top picks below:


It would be an absolute nightmare to miss out on some of these discounts, so, what are you waiting for!? We have a huge range of Avenged Sevenfold merch available which is included in this week’s sale.

With Festival Season ahead, this is the PERFECT time to get your metal gear ready for the rest of 2018. Make sure you look your best if you're one of those lucky people heading to festivals like Download or Bloodstock this year! Make sure to check out our full range, you might discover a band that you never knew Blue Banana stocked!

You've got until next Friday to take advantage of these rocking discounts, so the time to shop is now!

Written By Sam Oliver