Margot Robbie Fashion: From The Red Carpet To Suicide Squad

We are absolutely in love with Margot Robbie fashion. We have seen her as a graceful social butterfly on the red carpet and as the polar opposite in Suicide Squad. For her latest movie Margot Robbie stars as Tonya Harding. This biographical film 'I, Tonya' is based on the real life events of a figure skater. She couldn't look more different, transforming from Harley Quinn's alternative get-up to a figure skating costume. It isn't just the styles of her characters we love. She also knows how to rock a dress and heels. Is it possible for us to copy this fashion icon with our own clothes? Well, we are certainly going to try! We have taken some of her most iconic fashion moments to see if we can dress like Margot Robbie!

Get The Margot Robbie Fashion Style

The first of our looks is inspired by a photo shoot Margot did with Elle magazine. She rocked a blue leopard print coat with a gorgeous smoky makeup style. This fabulous style is perfect for winter and can be worn for a smart evening out or a late night Christmas shopping trip. We think the Bleeding Heart Faux Fut Jacket in Cream Mix is sure to fit the bill and help you achieve a Margot Robbie style 2017. This jacket features a full lining, clasp fastening and funky pattern.

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If you are looking for your next little black dress then be sure to check out this controversial fashion choice by Margot Robbie. Some journalists were not sure what to make of this 'bib dress' but we love the white features and spider detail. Peter Pan collars are totally on trend, especially in the alternative fashion industry. Check out the Banned In The Moment Dress in Black for a similar style. This cute dress features a portrait of a skeleton lady with her spider to the front and a cute white collar.


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Are you looking for a smarter look taken from Margot Robbie dresses? This bold lady absolutely loves to wear white dresses and we bow down to her. Some of us avoid this colour at all costs but Margot Robbie fearlessly rocks out white clothing so we are taking a page out of her fashion book with the Voodoo Vixen Monroe Dress in White. This gorgeous dress has a vintage shape and adorable white bow under the chest. The skirt flows from the waist while the bodice is more fitted. Who says white is just for weddings? This sophisticated dress is sure to help you become the belle of the ball.

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Margot Robbie Casual Style

We couldn't talk about Margot Robbie without exploring her Harley Quinn costume from Suicide Squad. Although we love seeing her in gorgeous ballgowns, it is easy to see from Margot Robbie Instagram she loves to have fun with fashion too, just like us at Blue Banana. That's why we stock a huge range of Harley Quinn merch for you to enjoy. Our favourite merch inspired by Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad is:

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We know there is so much more to talk about when it comes to Margot Robbie style but these outfits are sure to have your creative thoughts flowing so it is time to get shopping! We would love to know which celebrities inspire your wardrobe so why not join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have created your own outfit based on Margot Robbie fashion then be sure to share a pic with us on social media! 

Written By Amy McEvoy