How To Make Your Own Bandana Face Mask

Like all of us, you are trying to stay safe and to stay at home during the Coronavirus. For those that need to venture out for essential work and shopping there is an increasing demand for extra protective equipment. If you're looking for homemade options for face masks then we've found that our range bandanas can make for great mouth covers.

A bandana face mask can help to reduce your risk of Coronavirus as it can keep your mouth and nose covered therefore reducing the risk of inhaling any infected droplets that may be produced when someone coughs or speaks. As well as this, a facemask can also decrease the chances of you passing the infection onto others you may come into contact with.

How To Fold A Facemask Bandana

To make your own bandana face mask all you need is a bandana and two elasticised bands. This could be hair bands or regular elastic bands. All it takes is basic folding and ensuring that the bandana can cover both the mouth and nose. Here is our step-by-step guide so you can make your own face bandana mask.

Step By Step Guide

1. Lay the bandana down on a flat surface.


2. Fold to the centre, allowing for opposite edges to meet in the middle.


3. Repeat, again folding in the opposite edges to meet in the middle.


4. Place one of the elastic bands over the end of the folded bandana.


5. Repeat, placing the other band over the other end of the bandana.


6. Fold both ends of the bandana inwards, so that the bands are now on the outer edge.


7. And you've done it! Give the elastic bands a gentle pull to make the bandana feel taught.


8. To wear, simply place the elastic band over your ears, ensuring nose and mouth are covered.

An extra addition you could make to your DIY bandana face mask even better is the addition of a coffee filter. This can add another layer of protection to your face mask. If you have coffee filters at home, then you should place it onto the bandana before you begin to fold it.

If you haven't already got your hands on a bandana, then we've got a fun selection that you're sure to like the look of. Normally used for festival wear and for alt fashion accessories our bandanas feature fun designs and quirky colours. Our unique styles could add a fun element if you are trying to get your family to wear masks. Check out some of our funkiest styles below.

You can also check out the entire range in our full Funky Bandanas section. Please note that whilst face bandanas are a great extra precaution for protecting yourself against Coronavirus, they should not act as a replacement for other preventative measures. You should still wash your hands and maintain the social distancing recommendations. Stay safe out there!

Written By Sam Oliver

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