Killing Time Online: Our Top Time-wasting Websites

STOP! Quit aimlessly scrolling down your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook timeline looking for the next meme or awkward family photo you’ve been tagged in, and do something useful with your time! Today, we are back with an awesome list of websites that are sure to put a spring in your step and of course, help kill some time when you’re bored or procrastinating.

Have you ever had one of those days where you sit back and think “Man, I’ve had way too much Internet today!”? Nah, we haven’t either. So, to keep you from reading boring crap or falling into a wiki-hole, we’ve assembled a list of the websites we visit when we’re in need of some web based awesomeness. ‘Cos we’re nice people, we’re willing to share with you a few of our faves for your enjoyment! We reckon these sites are all fun, entertaining, weird, so that should be enough to make you LOL, right?




Time-Wasting Websites: Reddit Logo

Reddit (known as the ‘front page of the internet’) is most likely a website you’ve heard of. It brings communities and individuals together to share ideas, the latest digital trends and breaking news (Fine, we’ll admit it, we’re there for the cute animals…). Simply put, Reddit is a message board where users are able to submit links to one another, and unlike Twitter and other real-time social and informational networks, all the content is curated by a community of users. Items that are of value are ‘upvoted’ and those that are deemed unworthy are ‘downvoted’. The aim is for the posts to reach the front page so they’re ready by hundreds of thousands of people. (Consequently, sending boatloads of traffic to the linked website. Smart move Reddit, smart move.).

To some Reddit looks like a mess, with its text links, comment threads, points, upvotes, downvotes and at best, posts seem contextless — at worst, totally random. Please don’t let that put you off because in no time you’ll be browsing with ease! People who get the most out of Reddit are the ones who get involved by commenting and sharing content with one another increasing traffic that is needed or else there’d be no Reddit at all,  everything you post and comment on is extremely important. So get stuck into the community by posting or sharing things you find cool, horrible or strange, plus make sure you get voting on things if you really want to see how content moves around. Don’t just visit the outbound links, dig into the comment threads to see what people are talking about, this way Reddit will stay fresh with consistent interesting links. Or of course, you can casually skim the homepage and call it a day.

A typical day in the life of a Redditor. via GIPHY



Time-Wasting Websites: Reddit Logo

Do do do do do do do do do do… Can you name that tune? It’s the theme tune of Doug of course! You’re probably asking why is it we’re singing writing the Doug theme in the year 2016? Funny you should ask…

If you’re a child of the nineties who’s craving some nostalgia in your life and have nowhere to turn too, look no further, as Nickreboot is going to take you on a trip to the past. All you need to do is head to the website and the live stream will start straight away, no questions asked, no signing up, nothing! Once on the page, you will be greeted by other streamers in a live messenger while you all watch and reminisce together about the good ole’ days, you can chat about your favourite (and worse) shows.

From TV shows such as Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold and of course, Ren & Stimpy you have nonstop, 24/7 access to old-school Nickelodeon magic. Not forgetting all those shows you forgot even existed like; The Wild Thornberrys, The Amanda show, and Animorphs. Also the classics, like; Inspector Gadget, Recess and Looney Toons, the list goes on. You’re probably asking whether this is legal. Well, by operating under the doctrine of “fair use” codified in section 107 of copyright law, they’re able to stream classic Nickelodeon shows through their website as much as they want, so yes, it is legal!

The only downfall is that you do not have control of what you watch, (Just like an actual TV network); everything is queued up and streamed. Not forgetting that classic American toy adverts are included and perhaps the best bit of the whole site! So click the link above and travel back in time to your youth and embrace some of your favourite childhood memories.

Were you even a child of the ’90s if you can’t recall the pure joy of seeing this pop up on your TV? via GIPHY



Time-Wasting Websites: Lamebook Logo

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook cringing at some of the posts made by your parent’s (or friends for that matter)? Of course you have! Well, now there’s a way to vent your frustration, enter the fantastic world of Lamebook. The name says it all as this website is a repository for everything lame and funny, from embarrassing pictures to ridiculous Facebook statuses this website has it all and it’s posting new material all the time.

Not everyone can relate to the humour on this page so if you’re easily offended defiantly stay. Don’t worry though, all the content that is submitted is left anonymous so all the names and faces that are submitted will be blurred out. Also, content can be easily taken down by just flagging/notifying Lamebook to prevent cyberbullying.

If you’re like us you get a kick out of cringe-worthy humour and fancy a cheeky giggle, then for sure give this website a visit and prepare to cringe like you’ve never cringed before. You have been warned!

Mmmm…bacon. via GIPHY


Time-Wasting Websites: Creepypasta Logo

As Halloween is just around the corner it’s that time to stock up on some terrifying stories that are bound to shock your friends. The best way to do so is to visit Creepypasta, a website where internet horror stories are passed around in forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. Creepypasta comes from the word “copypasta” and internet slang term used to describe a block of text that copied over and over again. Due to such a high popularity, it’s easy to see that people get their thrills reading these stories before bed. Not only stories, Creepypasta is filled with pictures, audio and video footage, usually being graphic, distorted and gory to truly make you soil yourself.

The short horror stories are often posted on a variety of message boards then rated on the website. Most of the stories are meant to be legitimately horrific and unnerve the reader, while others are initially written to be silly and make people laugh. Nether-the-less anyone who is a fan of horror films or anything dark and eerie in general should for sure check this site out. The exact origin of Creepypasta online is currently unclear. Early forms of Creepypasta took the form of chain letter emails before the website was established.

Most of these reads ultimately freak the heck out of us, so do not read before bed and be warned, some of the content is extremely terrifying, lack of sleep and nightmares may be the instigated.

“Trust me Danny, there’s no such thing as axe-wielding maniacs!” via GIPHY


Time-Wasting Websites: Forgotify Logo

Tired of listening to the same ‘mainstream’ indie tunes your friends are bombarding you on Facebook? Prove you’re a true hipster with Forgotify, a website that allows you to listen to neglected songs no one’s ever heard of!

Forgotify has the power to introduce you to music that has zero (or a small) amount of listens on Spotify, meaning you can be the first to listen to obscure, nineties German music (something cheesy you’d expect on the Eurovision). Weirdly the music you will most likely stumble upon is older music, it makes sense, newer music would have been shared around on social media sites and listened to by friends of the band, while some of the songs from a couple of decades ago, would have just been lost in the abyss.

It turns out that twenty percent of twenty million-or-so Spotify songs have never been listened too– not even once. Although, most of the music on this site might be considered junk, after a long dig you will you discover unique golden gems to add to your music library.

Each time you listen to a song on Forgotify you are helping it to self-destruct. You’re increasing that songs play count meaning that the song you’ve just listened to could never be heard again, making you one of few of the people in the world to have ever listened to that particular song. Quite an overwhelming thought. The rate at which people are using this website exceeds the rate in which Spotify are adding songs, meaning this website is literally eating itself alive. So before it commits internet suicide, make sure to have a boogie to some absolutely fresh Forgotify songs.

Jake knows where it’s at. via GIPHY

Have you any suggestions to help us get through these rainy days? This should keep you occupied for the next few hours, so kick back and have a look through some of these sites to see what takes your fancy, not forgetting to let us what your faves are! Reckon we missed something? Hit us up and tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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