Exclusive Q&A With Joe James, Lead Singer Of Blitz Kids

Blue Banana have been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with alternative rock band Blitz Kids! The band consists of Joe James, Jono Yates, Nic Montgomery, and Matt Freer and have supported bands like Mayday Parade on tour. They’ve just released their brand new album The Good Youth and are looking set to achieve big things in 2014.

We fired some questions at their lead singer Joe James about the new record, their inspirations and picked his brains over funny stories and advice for young musicians. Enjoy!

BB: How do you feel about The Good Youth and was it a fun album to make?

Blitz Kids

Joe James: “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was with my best friends, making music every day in the beautiful sunshine of Los Angeles, California. It’s something I’ve only ever dreamed of doing.”

BB: Which bands have most influenced your music?

JJ: “I grew up with punk and rock. I was just a kid when nu-metal and emo first began to take hold of the scene. It would be impossible to name every band that shaped out musical background but I can safely say Biffy Clyro, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Brand New, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Slipknot have been there [as influences] start to finish.”

BB: Which is your favourite song from the new album and what does it mean to the band?

JJ: “My favourite song is a song called Perfect. Perfect is special because it helped me break the writers block I had at the beginning of this album and it is special to the band because it was written on a day when we decided to try something different. We each separated to a different corner of the studio gardens and wrote a song. I came back with Perfect, Jono came back with Title Fight and Nic came back with Run For Cover.”

BB: What is the weirdest gig experience the band has ever had?

JJ: “To this day I will never understand how or why a conga line from the pit all the way to the sound desk formed at one of our Edinburgh headline shows. They went all the way outside the venue and back in again.”

BB: Do you think this new album will make the band bigger than ever?

JJ: “Nothing is ever certain. But one thing I’m confident of is that this album is the best collection of songs we’ve ever released and I’m hoping it will give us the opportunity to keep on growing. we’re having too  much fun to stop now!”

The Good Youth

BB: Do you have any funny stories you’d like to share about touring or recording?

JJ: “We had finished the album by all accounts but we still had this one idea left that was nagging us. We had a chorus but nothing else. We were all in the hot tub celebrating a job well done with a few beers when we decided to give that idea one last crack. We all piled out in our towels and went into the studio and worked on the song for the rest of the night. That track ended up making the record and it’s called Roll The Dice.”

BB: Who are you biggest non-musician inspirations?

JJ: “Eric Cantona. We’re all [Manchester] United fans through and through. Eric Cantona is a legend. An enigma. A god amongst men. A true chap.”

BB: What advice would you give to young bands trying to get a break?

JJ: “Work your ass off and never give up. You’re gonna write a lot of bad songs before you write good ones. You’re gonna play a lot of bad shows before you play good ones. You’re never going to get paid and you’re going to miss out on a lot of things ‘normal’ people do. But the experiences you will have and the friends you will meet along the way are priceless. There is no better life!”

BB: Are you guys playing any major festivals this year?

JJ: “Yes, but we haven’t announced them yet.”

And finally, bonus question!

BB: Do you guys have a secret tip for surviving festivals?

JJ: “They don’t let you take bottles into the arena so get yourself a box of wine from the supermarket. Break open the box (you’ll be left holding a silver space bag full of alcoholic goodness). Shove that inside your pants. Once inside the arena, find yourself a cup and pull the nozzle out through your fly. Everyone will think you’re pissing in a cup but little do they know you’re actually a genius. A soon to be very drunk genius!”

Blitz Kids’ new album The Good Youth is now available to download here or you can stream it here. The band will be supporting All Time Low on a European tour this February and March.

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Written By BlueBanana