Innercity Clothing: Streetwear Selections Review

Innercity Clothing, known to some as Inc81, have firmly placed their name on the streetwear map. This exciting urban brand has used edgy designs, witty messages, colourful styles and cool social awareness to grab the attention of city dwellers and beyond.

Although named Innercity, their clothes can be worn by even the most countriest of country folk who reside out in the sticks.

Even dapper celebrities are embracing the Innercity style with the clothing line’s connection to music, alternative sports and busy city life becoming detrimental to their success. When groups such as Chase & Status grace Glastonbury’s main stage wearing Innercity clothing, you know the brand has done alright for themselves.

Innercity Clothing: Why It’s Become Such A Success

Innercity have bridged the gap between designer urban clothing and humble earners. It’s a designer label that offers reliable, stylish and street inspired clothes yet still remains affordable for the masses; a stark contrast to many high street urban brand names. They involve all the soft and durable materials experienced in expensive designer brand names, as well as implementing cool, crisp and stylish designs to drum home the urban appeal, yet their dope clothes continue selling at competitive prices.

Innercity Big Picture Sweatshirt

Innercity Big Picture Sweatshirt

Innercity clothing designs provide a mismatch of styles, from bold and crisp brand text logos in gold, to domineering camouflage patterns or collage style graphics which litter a shirt. They come with colour, brashness and verve, making everyone aware that you’re proud of wearing their urban gear. References to money, women, street art and partying all contributes to Innercity’s adventurous, playful and ‘happening’ style.

A common feature within the designs of Innercity clothing is to take a popular well known name, brand or phrase and twist it into something fresher or something with more street credentials – the perfect example being the recognisable Yves Saint Laurent logo turned into a ‘YesSheLovesIt’ T Shirt. It’s arrogant, honest and sure to attract confident young men.

Innercity Rolling With The Nines Jumper

Innercity Rolling With The Nines Jumper

If you’re one to dress head to toe in Hip Hop clothing or alternative underground gear then Innercity clothes are certain to interest you. That self-important swaggering style oozes out of the Innercity range and that’s why they’ve become so popular within underground camps that revolve themselves around UK Hip Hop, Grime and skateboarding. The brand name is constantly on show at underground dance events, live music shows or extreme sport competitions, helping to further lubricate the brands relationship with ‘cool’ subcultures and their racy lifestyles.

Buy Innercity Clothes

Buying Innercity clothing couldn’t be simpler, especially seeing as Blue Banana stock some of the finest Innercity clothes to hit the market. From thick Innercity jumpers which are a match made in heaven against designer trackie bottoms or smart and casual Innercity shirts that burst with colour and make brilliant ‘going out’ shirts. With Innercity fashion consistently chopping and changing, and with the latest artists and designers wanting to work with the brand it’s only a matter of time before you see more Innercity clothing hit the Blue Banana shelves.

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