Inked & Tattoo Clothing Review

If you’ve followed Blue Banana for a while, then you’ll know that we love to mix it with piercings and tattoos. However, rolling up your sleeves in the studio isn’t the only place you can make an inked impact, because we also boast a great creative range of tattoo inspired clothing.

Tattoo clothing can work on various levels – it can play the perfect reinforcement to any established inker who is already covered in artwork, but can also be embraced by people who are too afraid to get a real tattoo done but still want to rock some amazing tattoo inspired prints.

Tattoo Inspired Clothing For Men

Blue Banana hosts a jamboree of tattoo inspired clothing for men. Some are dark and Gothic, whereas others are subtle, sexy and Gangster, yet all manage to capture the authentic tattoo tones that are commonly found on skin or inside a tattooist sketchbook. Wearing tattoo clothes is a big thing in many American scenes, making it no surprise that the US is our main port of call for tattoo clothing brands.

Tattoo culture is a lot more than just cool clothes; they eat, breathe and sleep the tattoo lifestyle. Many of the popular tattooists often come from poor backgrounds, once aspiring illustrators stricken to their bedrooms, they mixed it with the locals, shared their art and ideas, bought tattoo equipment, learnt the essentials of tattooing and opened up or joined a studio. Many underground tattoo circles would describe their scene as one big family.

OG Abel Al Capo T Shirt

OG Abel Al Capo T Shirt

One of our favourite tattoo inspired clothing brands is OG Abel. Abel is an example of someone who grew up in a rough neighbourhood in South Central L.A. With his brother losing his life to street violence, OG Abel turned his passion for graphic design into a business opportunity, now having his artwork showcased with big brands, collaborating with the likes of Fiat and Converse. OG Abel clothes, mainly his tattoo t shirts, reflect a dark, dangerous and provocative atmosphere.

From king skulls crying blood, topless women donning tribal tattoos and Al Capone holding a gun, the OG Abel clothing range is certain to have you standing out from the gaggle of sheep. What’s more is that a lot of OG Abel tattoo tees come in under 15, so you know you’ll be getting your monies worth. You can just imagine the likes of Cypress Hill bumping to Latin-American beats and blowing thick smoke in the air wearing tattoo clothing designed by OG Abel.

Tattoo Inspired Clothing For Women

Sullen Angels High Seas Top For Women

Sullen Angels High Seas Top For Women

Just like our prime selection of men’s tattoo clothing, women can also install creativity, imagination and feeling to their outfits by wearing cool tattoo fashion. Women’s tattoo inspired clothes are richer with romance, beauty and death, with many prints including lost souls and fantasy world struggles creating a much desired Gothic and alternative edge. Skulls, thorns, roses and Japanese culture can all be discovered within our Sullen Angels and Sullen Art clothing range, one of the most popular tattoo clothing brands for women.

Sullen clothing uses the artwork of some of the most notorious artists around as well as giving chance to up and coming tattoo artists to have their designs printed on T Shirts and vest tops. Much like OG Abel, you can sense the connection to the underground with alternative music, Gothic culture and a slice of Hip Hop all being explored within their designs.

Tattoo Clothing UK & Where To Buy

Just because the majority of our tattoo inspired clothes are born from overseas it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out. Tattoo clothing can be bought from our very own Blue Banana website, and with our continuing thirst for the tattoo lifestyle you’re sure to see more T Shirts and clothing bulking up our existing collection throughout the year. If you’re interested in buying tattoo inspired clothing then here’s a head start on where begin your journey.

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