Hype Disney Backpacks - Dreams Really Do Come True

This town IS big enough for the two of us! Hype have created an awesome range of crossover products with Disney, including Toy Story, Mickey & Minnie, Tinkerbell and 101 Dalmatians. Our 7 year-old-selves are jumping with excitement! Once you fall in love with a Disney character, it is a love affair that lasts a lifetime so if you are mad for Mickey or besotted with Tinkerbell you can enjoy a bag that is sure to suit your style. These Disney backpacks are sure to fly off the shelves so make sure you grab your favourite designs soon!


Thanks to Hype's awesome designs, these make the perfect Disney backpacks for adults. Some of the backpacks feature more subtle prints so you can enjoy the Disney twist while keeping your chic style. Do you have children and need to carry around their belongings? Why not upgrade from your usual bag to Disney backpacks for toddlers. You are sure to feel much cooler with a subtle 101 Dalmatians print on your back, compared with their favourite TV character.

First up, is everyone's favourite cowboy. Woody first hit our screens in 1996 and you can rootin' tootin' sure Andy's gang have been delighting audiences ever since. When it comes to Disney characters backpacks it doesn't get much better than the Hype Disney Woody Backpack. This blue soft material is embellished with Woody on the front pocket so reach for the skies and dig out some extra pocket money for this fun number. The attention to detail is great for all true fans. To stay true to the film, this backpack features 'Andy' text on the base.

In contrast the Toy Story backpack features the famous clouds motif. This is a great option for fans of the entire Toy Story film franchise. Unzip the bag and you will see Lotso waiting for you. Let's hope he hasn't come up with any more evil plans!

Hype couldn't produce a Disney backpack collection without including Walt Disney's original character, Mickey Mouse. And, where Mickey goes you can be sure Minnie does too! These fun bags feature ear detailing to the top and a polka dot bow on the Minnie Mouse version. The Minnie Mouse backpack features a bold red polka dot design with embroidered Minnie Mouse on the front pocket. The Mickey Mouse Bag features a design based on his bright red shorts. This pair makes gorgeous couples Disney backpacks adults.

All you need is a little bit of pixie dust and your pal, Tink is sure to tie together your look. Whether you are planning on using Tinkerbell as a Disney backpacks for school or as a daytrip bag, we know for sure you will love the subtle pink colour and shimmer finish.

If spots are more your scene then check out this adorable Hype Disney 101 Dalmatians Backpack. Ok, so there may not be 101 Dalmatians on this backpack but you can see some of your favourite puppies from the movie. Cruella De Vil has kept her distance since her dastardly attempts in the film!  Instead, Hype has designed this Disney print backpack in black and white making it the perfect Disney school bags if your school has a strict colour theme.

If you are planning a trip to Disney land or just love all things Disney then don't miss your opportunity to grab one of these Disney backpacks for adults UK.

If you are searching for Disney backpacks for teens who prefer live action to cartoon then take a look at these Star Wars Hype Backpacks. The darker colours and sci fi designs are sure to appeal to their fashion style.

Don't forget, when your order Hype Disney backpacks UK you can enjoy free postage. We can tell you are running out of reasons not to pick up a Hype Disney Backpack. If you do decide to purchase one of these awesome rucksacks, be sure to tag us in a picture of you in a Disney themed outfit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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