How To: Throw An Awesome Halloween Party!

Updated: This post was originally published on 23/10/15

With Halloween just around the corner, some of you might be feeling a little bit sad that you are finally ‘too old’ for trick or treating… but fear not! You can still have heaps of frightful fun this year by throwing your very own Halloween party! Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or you’ve never organised anything more than a group chat before, our fool-proof tips will take you from party zero to Halloween hero in no time!



Deadly Decorations

First of all, no Halloween bash is complete without some deadly decorations! Here are a few DIY decor ideas that will have your house looking Halloworthy without breaking the bank!


  • Bloody Hand Prints! Create these by using red food colouring on white towels, or use pva glue and food colouring on your hands to create a peelable bloody hand that you can stick to
    Pumpkin Cooler

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    mirrors or windows! 

  • Creepy Crawlies! You can pick up plastic spiders in almost any joke shop, stick them to door handles and chairs to give people a spidery scare!
  • Pickled Head in a Jar! Fill a large mason jar with some water and a few drops of yellow or green food colouring to create a pickled effect, then insert a laminated picture of a face large enough to wrap around the entire front of the jar- creating a realistic pickled head look that will make anyone jump!
  • Witchy Wax! Get yourself some red and white candles, use the red candles to drip some ‘blood’ wax all over the white ones, creating a gory blood splattered effect!
  • Woolen Webs! For a cheap and easy way to decorate your rooms, use a few balls of black wool with sellotape or pins to create large spider webs all over the walls and across the room!
  • Body Bag Bin Liners! If you want your spooky decor to be sinister, try stuffing bin liners with old newspaper and sheets and using sellotape to bind it up in a body shape! Leave your ‘body bags’ lying around the house or garden for people to stumble upon!
  • Beady Loo Roll Eyes! Keep hold of some empty loo-roll cardboard tubes, cut some freaky eye hole shapes and place a glow-stick inside each one. This will create some spooky stares that work perfectly when hidden in hedges or trees!
  • Pumpkin Ice Bucket! Hollow out a large pumpkin and fill with ice for a Halloweeny drinks cooler with a difference!
  • Goulish Graves! If you have some extra time on your hands, you can use thick cardboard, paper mache and paint to create some ghoulish gravestones for your lawn!

Freaky Food

Everyone likes party snacks, and with these ghostly goodies, your Halloween party guests won’t be hungry for anything other than… BRAINS!

  • Finger Hot Dogs! Using a knife, cut a ‘nail’ out of the end of your sausage and smother it in some ketchup ‘blood’ for some really gory grub!

    Bogey Popcorn

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  • Jelly Worms! For a convincing flesh colour, mix up some strawberry jelly powder mix, water and some natural yoghurt. Pour the mixture carefully into drinking straws (sellotape together to keep them upright and tape over the bottom end) and leave to set in the fridge. Roll the straws in a little lukewarm water to free up your jelly worms and serve in a dish! Mm Wormliscious!
  • Dracula Fangs! You will need some large soft cookies cut into halves, red icing and mini marshmallows. On one half of the cookie, spread some red icing for the gums and use some mini marshmallows for the teeth. Place the other half of the cookie on top to create your toothy treat!
  • Bogey Popcorn! Cover your popcorn in some runny icing mixed with green food colouring for a sickening yet sweet snack!
  • Syringe Shots! Get yourself some plastic syringes and fill them with your favourite drink mixed with red food colouring to create some blood like beverages that will wow your guests!
  • Cat Litter Brownies! This one is not for those with weak stomachs! Whip yourself up some chocolate brownie mix (This recipe is great!) and cook your brownies in a tin. Once cooled, cut your brownie into strips and using clean hands, roll them a little to create your perfect poop shape! Purchase an UNUSED (cannot stress that enough!) litter tray and fill it halfway with some crumbled up digestive biscuits to create the ‘litter’. Once you’re happy with that, place your brownie poops on top and voila! A sinfully tasty treat that guests will LOVE to hate!
  • Healthy Hallow Treats! If you like your snacks to be a little less sugar laden, you can use half a banana and raisins to create cute banana ghosts or peeled satsumas and chunks of celery to make perfect pumpkins! (Great for kids!)


Grizzly Games!Candles

The quickest way to kill any party is to have people standing around yawning, but with these boredom buster party games, you’re sure to get everybody having fun and asking you when the next party is!

  • Murder Mystery! Funk up your fright night with an epic game of murder mystery (think Cluedo without the board)! This one requires a little bit of pre-planning but will definitely be effective at getting everyone involved. First of all, decide which one of your guests will be the victim and which will be the murderer and make sure you let them know prior to the party so you can come up with a clear plan on how the plot will unfold (Tip: Choose people who you think will be good actors on the night, you want the most dramatic death possible)! Next, write a list of suggestive clues for all of your guests that they can use to try to work out who the killer is. If you want to make it even more interesting, you can even assign a different character to each of your guests!
  • Apple Bobbing! In terms of party games, it really doesn’t get anymore classic than apple bobbing! And the reason for this is very simple- it’s great fun! Simply fill two large bowls with water (add a few drops of food colouring to make it more ‘weeny) and drop in some apples! The rest is really self explanatory, whoever can bob the most apples wins!
  • Pumpkin Bowling! This one is great for kids and adults alike! Use a small pumpkin as a bowling ball by carving three finger holes, then use a whole pack of toilet rolls and add eyes and mouths for a simple yet effective party game!
  • Mystery ‘Feely’ Boxes! This classic party game is perfect for Halloween! Grab yourself some shoe boxes and cut a hand-size hole in each of the lids, then fill them with various textured items and ask your guests to guess what it is. You can even get creative by labelling them with off-putting creepy titles! Here are just a few ideas: Peeled grapes= witch eyes; cooked spaghetti= brains; monster ears= dry apricots; monster teeth= popcorn kernels!


The best way to get people to join in with party games is to have prizes, and the better the prizes are, the more people will want to play! Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Corpse Hand Party Bags! Use some white rubber gloves and fill them with sweets and treats before fastening with some purple, orange or green ribbon for a creepy corpse hand treat!
  • Toffee Apples! There’s nothing more tempting than a toffee apple, make your own this Halloween and wrap them in cellophane to use as party game prizes! (Tip: Try adding some black food colouring to your toffee to make it even more spooky!)
  • Halloween Cupcakes! A fun prize idea which you can prepare a couple of days before the party is some Halloween inspired decorated cupcakes. There are plenty of ways to get creative with this and your guests are sure to appreciate the effort!
  • Top Prize! If you’re after a prize idea that’s a little more motivating than sweets and treats, why not purchase a gift card to use as top prize for the best Halloween costume? At Blue Banana we offer gift cards starting from just five pounds, giving your chosen guest the chance to choose themselves some awesome goodies!

And Finally, Some Halloween Tunes

The perfect finishing touch to your Halloween bash has got to be setting the right fright night atmosphere, so we’ve put together this spooky party playlist to get you started!

That’s about it folks, these tips are all you need to know to throw an unforgettable Halloween party, and if this has really got your weenspo flowing, check out our quiz to find out what sort of Halloween party style suits you! 


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