How To Care For Your New Piercing

Here at Blue Banana, weíre pretty proud of our status as the largest body piercers in Europe, so itís safe to say we know a thing or two about piercings and aftercare! Whether youíre debating your next piercing or youíve just added another to your collection, hereís a one stop, all questions answered guide thatíll assist you in how to care for your new piercing!

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The Basics:

So, youíve just got a new piercing. Youíre pretty proud of how bad ass it looks and even prouder of yourself for not crying or swearing whilst you had it done. Whats the first thing you do after leaving the studio? Show it off on Instagram? Snapchat it to your mates? Immediately begin to play around with it? NOOOOOOO![Tongue Piercing](

Although you will instinctively want to touch it, itís vital to remember that a piercing is essentially a fresh wound, therefore, playing around with it, poking it or pulling it will not only cause you pain and discomfort, but can increase the chance of infection. Nobody wants a gross, infected piercing, so itís super important to keep a stash of aftercare supplies to keep it looking fresh and fierce!

Hereís what youíll need:

  • A shot glass, egg cup or another small receptacle
  • Rock salt
  • Cotton buds
  • Paper Towels
  • Tea Tree oil

How To Clean Your Piercing:

ďBut I shower daily, is that not enough?!Ē we hear you cry! Simply put, HECK NO! Your piercing can get covered in residue from shampoo, face wash, shower gel or shaving foam, which really needs to be removed, as it could hinder healing times. By following these simple steps, your piercing will remain clean and hygenic!

  1. Boil some water, add the rock salt (a good ratio is 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt per shot glass or egg cup) then allow to cool for 5-1. minutes. Make sure youíve got all your supplies to hand.
  2. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.
  3. At this point, you can either submerge your piercing in the salt solution or apply to the piercing and surrounding area using a cotton bud. Check for any fluid or crusting and if you find any, gently repeat the solution process until you have removed any build up.
  4. Once youíve removed any build up and your piercing has had a thorough clean, gently pat the area dry with a paper towel.

This process should be repeated two to three times a day. Tea Tree oil can be used to reduce scarring, bumps and swellings around your piercing, but always consult with your piercer before using them in case of allergies.


The Essential Doís & Doníts:

When it comes to piercing aftercare, itís important to remember that every piercing and every person heals differently. Even if youíve had plenty of piercings before, you canít assume your healing process will be the same each

time. However, you can help to make your healing process as simple as possible by following these key doís and doníts:

Written By BlueBanana