Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

Here at Blue Banana, we always look forward to Halloween and now it is finally round the corner we have plenty to shout about! Our Halloween store includes costumes, accessories, props and Halloween coloured contact lenses

Before you get started with coloured contact lenses here are a few of our top tips on care and safety:

  • Make sure the contact lenses are suitable for your eyes by checking the Base Curve and Diameter against your latest prescription
  • Make sure to soak your contact lenses for at least 2 hours in fresh solution before wearing
  • Make sure to store your contact lenses in fresh solution between uses and regularly rinse
  • DO NOT wash your contact lenses with water
  • DO NOT share contact lenses

For more information on contact lens safety make sure to read our Contact Lens Guide. If you are planning to buy Halloween contact lenses online make sure to only buy from stores who stock contact lenses that are certified as fit for purpose. When you shop with us you can be sure you are shopping contact lenses that are both FDA Approved and CE Marked.

When it comes to choosing your Halloween contact lenses there are literally hundreds of styles to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect match for your character. Check out a few of our classic designs below to get the ideas flowing! If you want to skip straight to shopping your contact lenses for Halloween, then click here.

Basic Coloured Contact Lenses Halloween

These classic Halloween contact lenses feature a block iris colour to give you a solid eye design that is great for pairing with all kinds of creepy characters! These awesome styles are the ideal for people who are dressing up multiple times as the styles are super versatile. 

If you are looking for a pair of contact lenses Halloween that you can wear more than once then make sure to choose from the 3. Day, 9. Day, or 1 Year range. As long as they are stored correctly, long duration lenses can be used multiple times.

If you would prefer a single use style for Halloween then this is a great way to get Halloween contact lenses cheap. Wear for one event then simply dispose of your contact lenses in your household waste. 

Halloween UV Contacts Lenses

If you are going to a party that has UV reactive blacklighting then the choice is obvious! It is the perfect opportunity to try out a pair of UV contact lenses to get creepy glowing eyes. These awesome lenses will look cool when they aren't under a UV blacklight too due to their vibrant colours.

All the contact lenses in the UV range are Halloween coloured contact lenses non prescription but we do have some prescription lenses available in other styles. To shop prescription Halloween contact lenses, click here.

Animal Contact Lenses

If you feel like unleashing your wide side then the best Halloween contacts for you are sure to be our animal contact lenses. Whether you want to dress as a werewolf, cat, or fantasy creature these styles include vertical pupils and wicked wolf designs.

Zombie Contact Lenses

When people search for Halloween contact lenses online the star of the show is zombie contact lenses. With today's SFX makeup, zombie costumes are proving incredibly popular and we can't believe how gruesome they can be too! Achieve your own zombie apocalypse with a pair of scary Halloween contacts.

We are just getting stared with our Halloween coloured contact lenses so be sure to continue exploring, here. Happy haunting!

Written By Amy McEvoy