Hair Dye Colours At Blue Banana: Which Shade Will You Try First?

We’re all about providing customers with the most exciting and standout shades of hair dye colours available online! Our goal is to make Blue Banana your one stop shop for bright hair dyes and vibrant hair colour transformations. If you’ve been craving a change-up in your hairstyle, then we can think of no better reason to go for a huge hair colour transformation. Make sure to check colourful hair dye products; we’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll fall in love with.

If you really want some bright colours on your hair, have you ever considered using UV Hair Dye? For more details on our hair colours and some style information, here’s a guided tour of the colours on offer.

Blue Banana’s Hair Dye Colours Range

Black Hair Dye

Sharp and sophisticated, this colour of dye is certainly a colour for the dark and mysterious. It’s a must-try if you’re a lover of everything gothic and alternative fashion. Black is a hugely flexible colour as it will cover most natural colours without the need for bleaching!

Blue Hair Dye

Who doesn’t love a indulging in a brand new blue hue? If you want your hair to be as blue as the ocean or as dreamy as the night sky then blue is certainly for you. Bold peacock shades and darker midnight colours are sure to make your new hair colour stand out above the rest.

Brown Hair Dye

Go brown and even more beautiful with a more natural shade of hair dye. Deep cocoas and even darker chocolate shades are sure to make your style stand out from the rest. With everything from deep reds to light brown natural hair dye shades, it may not be the brightest shade but it’s sure to please.

Green Hair Dye

Spruce up your look with a splash of gorgeous green hair. Ideal for those aiming for a truly standout style, pick everything from enchanting emeralds to sharp lime twists. No matter what your hair dye colours intentions, go green and try out a new and exciting green hue.

Orange Hair Dye

Ignite a whole new style with some orange coloured hair dye. Fierce and fiery, you can go for anything from total tangerine to awesome auburn even to a cute copper hue. Orange hair is a flexible style that accounts for so many tastes. Why not add some zest and zing to your next knockout hair style look?

Pink Hair Dye

Pretty, pastel and perfectly punk; the thought of pink hair is sure to get some dye hards excited! So many customers love to indulge a pink colour to reflect their bubbling personality. With shades such as bubblegum, cotton candy, rose and baby pink there’s just no way you can’t fall in love with our pink dyes!

Purple Hair Dye

From plum to eggplant and violet to magenta, the hair dye colour possibilities are endless when it comes to purple. Pastels and lavenders are also well sought after colours. Even if you’re not out for a vibrant purple finish, some the deeper purple colouring can create a sophisticated look with some sharp purple undertones.

Red Hair Dye

Turn up the heat with some bold red hair colour! We’ve got a huge selection from glowing fire reds to rich rouges, deep bordeaux burgundies to succulent vampire reds. Totally switch up what it means to be a red head with one of these awesome alternative hair colours.

Silver Hair Dye

With a dose of silver dye you certainly won’t be disappointed. Why not go full Granny and get a full head of grey hair dye? So many have tried out this sharp metallic hair finish, and we think you should too! No matter how platinum and shiny you want to go, we’ll have a product to match your silvery tastes.

White Hair Dye

Whether you’re keeping it simple, or preparing to apply a brighter colour, there are so many pros to getting ice white hair! Even toners such as Virgin Snow act as a white hair colourant, as well as many of the bleach kits we have to offer.

Yellow Hair Dye

Bright and beautiful, add some sunshine into your life with yellow hair dye. With everything from bright UV shockers to some more subtle blonde hair dye shades, we think you’ll love a bit of yellow. Wear it loud and proud with some of the best yellow hair dye brands on the market.

Your Very Own One Stop Hair Dye Shop!

Kick start your loud hair colour transformation with some of the best hair dye colours in the business. We strive to be your one stop shop for everything bright hair dye! With some of the best brands in the business you really can’t go far wrong with your hair dye purchase. We’re always here to help when it comes to new colour conundrums and dyeing dilemmas. As well as our Hair Dyeing Guides, you can always drop us a line on Facebook to ask any hair dye related questions!

Written By Sam Oliver