Get Villainous With Our Range of Suicide Squad Merchandise!

The upcoming release of Suicide Squad on DVD and Blu-Ray has us hyped up about the film again – easily one of our favourites of the year. If like us you’ve got the Suicide Squad bug, then you’ve stumbled across the right blog post! There’s no better way to alleviate your Suicide Squad fever than by stocking up on some official merchandise. That way when you get round to having your extended cut viewing party, you’ll be suitably decked out! (Harley Quinn Socks, anyone?)

So sit back, relax and let out a manic laugh Joker-style while you take a browse through our range of Suicide Squad merch. Whether you see yourself as a Harley Quinn, a Deadshot or even Batman, we’ve got something in stock that you’re bound to fall head over heels for.

We Don’t Joke Around When It Comes To Joker Merchandise…

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that Jared Leto’s Joker pretty much stole the show in Suicide Squad. Luckily we have a huge stash of Joker merch to help you pay homage to an awesome portrayal of one of the most iconic villains ever!

Decorate your wall with one of our DC Comics Suicide Squad Joker Maxi Posters, treat yourself to a new wallet with the DC Comics The Joker Pop Art Wallet with Embossed Tin or make drinking your tea more exciting by grabbing the DC Comics Joker Suicide Squad Travel Mug in Green and White. When we say that the possibilities are endless, well, we aren’t lying! If you want to Joker up your life, we’ve got the merchandise to help you do that. Before you know it you’ll be hunting down billionaires dressed as bats and asking people why they’re so serious all the time.

But if it’s your wardrobe that you’d specifically like to give a touch of the Joker, we’ve also got a range of different outfits inspired by him! Our DC Comics Suicide Squad Screaming Joker T Shirt in Black has a disconcerting quality that recreates the character well, while the DC Comics Joker Icon T Shirt in Black offers a more light-hearted cartoon representation of the character. Not into t shirts? Well, we’ve also got dresses for you to feast your eyeballs on. The Suicide Squad Joker Ha Ha Dress in Black will have you laughing like a maniac, and the Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo Dress in White has an alternative style that we just think is irresistible.

You Be Gotta Quinn It To Win It!

If you’re aiming to get an awesome Harley Quinn look, you’ve got to make sure the merchandise you buy is the best of the best! We’ve got plenty of Harley Quinn goodness for you to decorate yourself with, from the DC Comics Harley Quinn Icon T Shirt to DC Comics Harley Quinn Socks! Our merch covers both her look in the Suicide Squad film as well as her classic comic book appearance. So if you prefer her classic look, you can go ahead and decorate yourself with the awesome Masked Menace Harley Quinn Handbag or even the incredibly ‘wow’ Harley Quinn Varsity Jacket in Black and Red!

Though if you really dig Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character – like us – there’s plenty of merch to love. The Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster Raglan Top is a particular delight, mirroring the character’s outfit from the movie itself! Or if you’re not looking to dress up like her, you should definitely take a glance at our other awesome stock… We’ve got everything from Suicide Squad Harley Quinn/Katana Fabric Wristbands to a Suicide Squad Daddy’s Lil Monster Collector’s Mug. Awesome, right?

And That’s Only the Beginning…

Okay, okay – maybe you’re tired of the constant talk of the Joker and Harley Quinn. The film’s got a big cast, right? There’s got be stuff for other characters? And there is! If you love Suicide Squad, you’re going to adore the Suicide Squad Poster T Shirt in Black and the Suicide Squad Skulls Mug. Heck, we’ve even got a Suicide Squad Skulls Badge Pack. If you love choice, you gotta love our range.

And it doesn’t even stop there… As awesome as Suicide Squad is, it’s only a small part of the DC Universe. If you’re more of a Batman V Superman fan, then we’ve got plenty of merch for you too – such as the DC Comics Batman V Superman T Shirt in Black. And if you don’t want to limit yourself simply to the world of Batman when it comes to DC characters, we’ve also got Wonder Woman merch (DC Comics Wonder Woman Star Purse) and The Flash merch (DC Comics The Flash Comic Strip T Shirt in White).


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Written By BlueBanana