Funky Leggings: Unicorns, the Universe and Under The Sea

Wherever you want to wear your leggings, you always want to look your best. If you are heading to the gym or for an evening out, these awesome prints are sure to add an element of fun to your outfit so get funky leggings here at Blue Banana to take your outfit to the next level! Whether you are hunting for an out of this world cosmic print or want to transport yourself to a fantasy land with a unicorn design, we know you will find your dream pair

As the sun is setting later you might be starting to think about getting outdoors after work to start your exercise regime. Spring and summer are the perfect times to start running or hop onto your bike but you want to look fabulous in order to help you feel fabulous! These funky workout leggings could give you the inspiration you need to get out and about. The Kukubird leggings are everyday leggings but can double up as exercise gear thanks to the material. The stretch-fit polyester and spandex mix will help you through your yoga poses and will feel great against your skin too. 

So now to talk about the important part – which design of printed leggings UK will you select? Tied for the top spot are the Kukubird Mermaid Glitter Leggings and the Kukubird Unicorn Leggings. Will you head under the sea to a magical mermaid palace or up into the clouds with the unicorns? Of course, there are plenty of other styles to shop.

Choose your Funky Leggings Design

 If you are looking for alternative funky leggings online then it doesn’t get much better than the Kukubird Diamond Queen Leggings. These black and red leggings are sure to look awesome when paired with some short shorts or a cute dress.

Want to take you style to the dark side? If you fill your wardrobe with nothing but gothic clothing pieces then have a look at the Blue Banana Alchemy Ace Leggings and Spin Doctor Alchemy Ash funky print leggings.

If you are looking for skull workout leggings UK then you are going to love the new Kukubird Skulls Leggings in White/Black. This simple gothic design is sure to match with plenty of items in your wardrobe due to the colour. Not quite your style? For something bright and bold take your inspiration from Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls just like the ones on the Kukubird Mexican Skull Leggings. These colorful leggings UK are sure to dazzle and can be worn as part of any everyday outfit or for exercising. 

When it comes to funky leggings for gym we can’t get enough of the Kukubird Exotic Flower Leggings. The bright paisley style print is sure to keep you feeling fresh and bright when you are out for a walk. 

Want leggings that will help your athletic ability become out of this world? We are just kidding – sadly a pair of leggings can’t really do all that but it is surprising how much difference some funky running leggings UK can make for your motivation levels. The Kukubird Galaxy Leggings are an outer space dream. They also look amazing for an evening out so if you are more into fashion than exercise, these are the pair to complete your evening style. 

That is the best part about all these funky leggings UK. They are predominantly made for fashion so they will look absolutely gorgeous in almost any situation. From pairing with a cute going out dress to throwing on with your favourite tee for a casual weekend style, we know you are going to come up with some great outfits using the new Kukubird range. 

Did we mention these funky leggings are cheap so you don’t have to choose just one design? Treat yourself to a couple of pairs and easily refresh your wardrobe. At just £8.9. each, these practically cost the same price as a pair of plain coloured leggings. There really is no reason not to add a splash of fun and colour to your look with a pair of funky leggings! We would love to see how you style our new range of leggings so why not tag us on Facebook, Twitter of Instagram?

Written By Amy McEvoy