Festival Hygiene Tips: Getting & Staying Clean At A Festival!

For many of us festivals are by far the best part of summer! Nothing beats the feeling of hearing the crowd cheer as that first guitar riff echoes through the speakers, or the taste of an icy cold beer with your mates around the disposable barbecue…

There are some festival experiences, however, that we would rather forget come the end of summer… Like the feeling of scraping thick sludgy mud off your shins, or the fear that you’ll never be clean again after stepping inside the dreaded portaloo… If you’re not looking forward to getting down and dirty this summer, check out our Festival Hygiene Tips to find out exactly how to keep yourself feeling fresh this festival season!

To keep you sans le skank at your next festival, you’re gonna need to pack your bag sensibly, with your pits & bits in the forefront of your mind. So here is what we recommend you shove in there:


 The General Stuff:

  • Dry Shampoo – Because there’s only so much grease your headdress can hide!
  • Deodorant – Always important but even more so for festivals!
  • Shower In A Towel?? – So apparently this is a thing? This little creation could be the answer to beating the queue for the communal tap so Check it out here!
  • Hand Sanitizer – Because no one should be eating their burger with festival fingers.
  • Mouthwash/Chewing Gum – Think about how close to your mouth the person next to you in the crowd might be standing. Just think about that.
  • Disposable ToothbrushesNot just to prevent cavities, but also for other people’s sake. No one likes bad breath.
  • Toothpaste – You can even get dry tooth tabs from places like Lush, perfect for storing in your backpack!
  • Plenty Of Clean Socks & Pants – Never underestimate the power of fresh pants or socks to make you feel a million times cleaner!
  • Moisturiser – This may seem like an odd one for hygiene, but if your skin gets dried out from all the partying, late nights and temperamental weather, you’re going to end up scabby and flaky, which is just not cool.
  • Towel – Super versatile, your towel might just become your festival best friend!
  • Condoms – Well, if you follow our tips and keep yourself squeaky clean, you might attract something a little better than flies… be safe guys!
  • Aftershave/Perfume – Pack this and EVERYONE will thank you.
  • Waterless Wash Kit – Save yourself time and effort by investing in a ready-made waterless wash kit, perfect for lazy people (like us).




The Gross Toilet Stuff:

  • GoGirl Female Urinal/Bucket – For when the queue for the portaloos is ten miles long, you’ll be grateful to have ‘options’. Also, have you ever tried to navigate your way through a campsite in the middle of the night? HELLO TENT PEGS.
  • Disposable Waste Bags – The less said about these the better. But stuff ’em in your emergency supplies because when you’ve really gotta go, they’re marginally less embarrassing than the alternative!
  • Toilet Seat Covers – Possibly the most important toilet themed supply to pack in your festival backpack, because after two days of hover-peeing, your legs are going to be tired AF.




The Girly Stuff:

  • Tampons/Pads – Even if you’re lucky enough to realise that your monthly visitor falls outside your festival weekender, never underestimate mother nature’s ability to rain on your parade! Pack these just in case because you don’t want to end up feeling like an extra in a horror movie. Sorry.
  • Disposable Diva Cups – These alternatives to tampons and pads are a great option for camping and festivals, just make sure you are familiar with using them before the event because fumbling around in a dark tent trying to do anything at all is impossible!
  • Waterproof Mascara – If you want to maintain your luscious lashes during a festival (and who wouldn’t because SELFIES) make sure you opt for a waterproof option. This will mean that you won’t end up with panda stains on your face from any rain/sweat/long periods of wear.
  • Light Makeup – If you want to pack makeup, opt for light, oil-free options that will not clog up your pores when you sweat. Wearing heavy makeup at a festival is a little risky because you can’t really wash your face properly, so if you don’t want to end up spotty and sad, keep the slap to a minimum ladies.




The Tent Stuff:

  • Bin Liners – The bin liner is pretty much the superhero of festival essentials. Not only will packing a roll of these keep your camping area free of bottles and stinky pizza boxes, but they also make great added layers of waterproofing to your tent space. Also, where else are you going to chuck all your dirty boots and knickers at the end of the weekend?
  • Carrier Bags – Similar to bin liners, carrier bags are a great way to keep your camping area free of stink and rubbish, as well as carrying any dirty wellies!
  • Dog Poop Bags – The ones that come in a little clip on plastic container. Clip these babies on to your backpack for a lightweight versatile essential that’s great for stuffing dirty knickers, empty packets or anything else in!
  • Antibacterial Spray/Wipes – Whilst you’re probably not going to spend any time worrying about the cleanliness of your tent, if you are keen to keep clean whilst camping, it never hurts to pack some antibac products to give the place a quick wipe down in between bands!




That’s Everything!

You might be thinking ‘that seems like a lot to pack’ and you don’t need to take everything on this festival packing list, but believe us when we say that a few carefully selected festival essentials will be worth their weight in gold! Especially on Sunday morning when everyone else is stuck to their sleeping bag by their own filth and you are looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Still a little worried about keeping clean this summer? Check out the following festival hygiene hacks for even more ways to dodge the dirt:

So follow this handy guide, maintain your festival chic look and don’t get bummed out by body odor with these Festival Hygiene Tips!

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Happy Camping Clean-Freaks!


Written By BlueBanana