Festival Hair: This Seasons Best Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Do you love to have the most unique hairstyle for festival season? Then Blue Banana is here to help with a guide to festival hair. We all know festivals are a time to enjoy yourselves and try out new crazy fashions so what better way to finish off your outfit than with a wicked hair do?

Festival Hairstyle: Glitter Glitter Everywhere

If you are a seasoned festival goer then you are sure to know that glitter is a must have accessory and this year is definitely all about adding glitter to your hairstyle. With the Paintglow Glitter Me Up Hair Streaks you can give your hair some added sparkle. Believe us this will be the number one of festival hair tips for the season. As for festival hairstyles for mid length hair this is sure to be a winner. Braids are a long standing champion for festival hair updos and by adding a little glitter to your parting you can add something extra to this classic style.

To achieve this style we recommend the Paintglow Glitter Me Up Hair Streaks in Silver to compliment a turquoise blue hair colour. If you only want a temporary change to your hair then why not transform you locks using the Stargazer Neon Hair Chalk in Blue. There you have it! With two simple products you could easily achieve this style.

Festival Tips: Dip Dyed


If you are looking for festival hairstyles for short hair you are going to love this style! Why not try dyeing the tips of your hair for a punky fun look. This look needs just one thing – a dash of hair chalk. Achieve a bright colour with the Splat Hair Chalk in Violet Sky and the best part is it will wash out after just one use so you can go back to work without any crazy colour left. Perfect for those who are nervous of hair dyeing, this easy to use chalk will give you a quick way to transform into the festival spirit.

Extreme Festival Hair: Hair patterns

Need more festival hair ideas? Using a combination of hair streaks and hair chalk you can create fabulous patterns in your hair. These types of hair dye create an easy festival hair style because they are simple to use. You will be able to create cool shapes to match your favourite Aztec style. Just like tis salon style, you could be putting flower designs into your locks. This works best for undercuts but it could also be fun to try for festival hairstyles for curly hair. Why not colour a few strands with the Paintglow UV Hairstreaks in Red to create a cute pattern? It’s time to celebrate your curls by making them stand out with a touch of hair chalk.

Easy Festival Hair: Clip-in Hair extensions

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Are worried about how your hair will look after using hair dye? To achieve cute festival hair without the fuss, clip-in hair extensions may be the answer. Check out these cute Manic Panic Synthetic Glam Strips in Electric Lava. Don’t want to dye your hair or want a fuller look for your festival hairstyles for thin hair? Then the clip-in option is the one for. You can simply take the extensions out after you have worn them without needing to worry about how your hair will look afterwards. This is surely the most perfect of festival hair solutions.

With so many awesome trends to try out this year, it is going to be a fab year for filling up your photo albums. With glitter streaks, neon colours and stunning braids this is going to be a hair-tastic season! Have fun with friends and create the most unique festival hair looks to go with your outfits. Treat yourself to a new hair product and get experimenting!

Have we got your festival hair colour creative juices flowing? We would love to see what styles you try so why not share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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