Embroidery Fashion: From Embroidered Tops To Dresses and Beyond

This year we have been lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful fashion trend. Designers have gone crazy over adding embroidered details and patches to clothing. We wanted to share with you a gorgeous selection of our favourites from a huge range of brands, from embroidered tops to delightful shoes and dresses. At Blue Banana, we are so excited to see that this traditional style is making a comeback as embroidery in fashion.

Embroidered Tops

The easiest way to add an embroidered item to your wardrobe is in the form of embroidered tops for women. Pair with jeans for a simple yet eye-catching style. The Voodoo Vixen Nena Top in black steps away from the floral trend. Instead, it features cute ladybird embroidery to the collar. These sweet little bugs are joined by small stitches in the shape of a heart. If you are not one to follow the crowd but love the embroidery trends 2017 then this could be the perfect way to keep your alternative clothing style. The wide collar already makes a statement in itself but by adding the extra details of the ladybirds this top absolutely has the wow factor.

Voodoo Vixen Nena Top. Embroidered Tops

When you shop with Blue Banana you know you aren’t going to get ordinary fashion embroidery designs. Check out the Jawbreaker Floral Sugarskull Cardigan. It keeps the popular feminine style of a floral embroidered top but adds some awesome sugar skulls to the bust. The skulls feature dainty pink flowers to match the rest of the design. This is the perfect item for those wanting to show off their unique style. This cardigan looks best when buttoned up so why not wear a vest underneath and style it as an embroidered long sleeve top.

Jawbreaker Floral Sugarskull Cardigan, Embroidered Tops

If you love nothing more than the dainty stitches of embroidery tops then take a look at the Banned Proud Peacock Cardigan. This cardigan focuses on neat, detailed stitching with plenty of colour. On one shoulder you will find an exquisite turquoise peacock with gorgeous long tail feathers draped over the shoulder. To complement this beautiful bird there is a Japanese style fan and flower design on the opposite shoulder. The fan picks out the detail and colour of the peacocks tail to make them the perfect pair.

Banned Proud Peacock Cardigan. Embroidered Tops

Embroidery Fashion History Comeback

What better way to celebrate this fashion classic than with a vintage style. For a 50s twist on your embroidered clothing, why not check out the Hell Bunny Lulu Dress? This fitted dress is made from black material to enhance the colours of the embroidered patch. This applique embroidered design features vibrant pink flowers and rosy red cherries to the bust. To give the dress the perfect line and shape the eye is drawn from the embroidered top to the line of bright red buttons featured on the dress. This balances out the colour of those delicious cherries. This is an embroidered dress plus size so don’t be afraid to be a part of the embroidery fashion trend.

Hell Bunny Lulu Dress, Embroidered

Embroidery fashion designers have been heavily influenced by Chinese and Japanese styles. This makes these Irregular Choice Ruby Envelope High Heeled Shoes that perfect vintage-meets-modern fashion item. The Chinese tigers on the toes of these shoes feature sweet fluffy ears and little blue tassels. If you look closely you will see the body of the tiger stretching out along the length of the shoe. This stunning design is sure to make a big impression when you walk into a room. These shoes would surely not look out of place on the catwalk!

Irregular Choice Ruby Envelope High Heeled Shoes, Embroidered

We hope you won’t be going anywhere else to shop for embroidered tops UK. At Blue Banana, we think you will find the perfect balance between following the trend and keeping your unique alternative fashion style. We would love to see how you style our embroidered tops and clothes so make sure to share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Written By Amy McEvoy