Dr Martens Footwear and More Deals in the Up To 60% Footwear Event!


From Alternative to Gothic and all kinds of different fashion genres, we are here to provide you with the stylish footwear to suit your look. At Blue Banana, you can have access to a wide range of Dr Martens boots and other footwear. Whether you're looking for a great addition to your collection of Docs or want to try them for the first time, what could sound better than an Up To 60% Off Footwear Event? Dr Martens have notoriously been the best investment in footwear and now you get awesome savings, making them even more worthwhile. Check out some of many styles of Dr Martens boots and shoes that we have available, many of which have great discounts.

With so many different styles available, you might be wondering what makes each style different. Let us help answer that question so that you know exactly the style that you want to check out for your next boots or shoes.

Dr Martens Boots Range

Dr Martens 1460

Let's start with the most recognisable style from the Dr Martens range. The Dr Martens 1460 Boots are the first style of boots available from this company. Originally a working boot, these were designed for intense durability and comfort. The topline of these boots reach a few inches over the ankle making them great with skirts and shorts but can also be covered with a pair of trousers. These also feature the patent leather which makes Doc Martens 1460 Boots special. 

Dr Martens Pascal

Sometimes less is more. One of those times is when you have a skinny fashion style and don't need the bulky style of the 1460 boots. That is when the Pascal Doc Martens are the best choice. The sole on these shoes are made the same way but the shape of the leather, toe box and topline make this boot more streamline. So if your favourite clothing item is a pair of skinny jeans, the Pascal boots are the best choice for you.

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

We are all used to the elegant sophistication of a well made Chelsea boot. What you might not know is that Dr Martens have their own range of stunning Chelsea designs. These are incredibly versatile boots that can complete a casual outfit or the formal suit for work. The smooth leather has the elasticated side panels of all Chelsea boots as well as Doc Martens tough pull tab making them easy to slip on and off. There are traditional soles available as well as a thinner option, both of which feature the air cushioning for ultimate comfort. Don't forget to check out the Leonore Chelsea Boots that feature fleece lining making them the perfect Women's Dr Martens for the cold winter months.

Dr Martens Shoes Range

Dr Martens 1461

We know that some people don't enjoy the height of boots. There are times when putting on and taking off shoes in a moment can be really helpful. Some people will be looking for a pair of work shoes that last the test of time and know that Dr Martens shoes can last them far longer than other options on the market. The 1461 Doc Martens are made with the same design as the 146. but are cut below the ankle and feature only three eyelets. This makes them easier to use and with a long pair of trousers, it'll be difficult to tell if you're wearing these or full boots.

Other Dr Martens Shoes

It is difficult to go through all of the different styles of Dr Martens shoe available in our store. There are so many spectacular designs that one blog isn't enough. We have a great number of shoes in our Dr Martens Womens range including the Mary Jane, Polley and 8065. Take a look through out range of Dr Martens Shoes to see for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised with all of the special styles available for you.

Dr Martens Vegan

There is nothing more annoying that searching for the perfect pair of shoes, just to find that they don't fit your Vegan lifestyle. However, you won't be disappointed by Dr Martens. There are plenty of Vegan Friendly Dr Martens Footwear available on our website. Do you want a pair of 1460s? What about 1461s, or Chelsea's? We have them all, made with Vegan faux leather as well as a couple of stunning canvas boots. Don't choose between your ethics or quality fashion. Get both with this range of Dr Martens shoes.

Even More Cheap Footwear In Our Event

This week isn't just about the great savings on Dr Martens. There are amazing deals from plenty of different brands that will have you rushing for the checkout. Want a stylish pair of heels for your next night out? Check out the Banned section. Need the most unique pair of shoes on the planet? Then you can't go wrong with Irregular Choice. Don't forget to check out the Converse section. We have a number of Hi Tops and Lo Tops for just £25. You'll struggle to find a better price than that. The Up To 60% Off Footwear Event will be here until 26/01/201. so get searching now.

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Written By BlueBanana