Dr Martens 1460 Review

Dr Martens LogoThere aren’t many footwear ranges that are so entrenched in history and culture as the Dr Martens 1460. Created on the 1st April 1960, where the 1460 title was inspired, the boots have been worn as a staple symbol for subcultures and more recently as a trendy style choice for fashion conscious dressers.

Stocking such famous footwear has meant we had to include a Dr Martens 1460 review into our Blue Banana blog, the 1460 8 eye boot deserves to be heard!

Its original production came off the back of a skiing accident. A foot injury was to become the catalyst for a new way of thinking for both the Griggs family and collaborators Klaus Mrtens and his friend Dr Funck. Both footwear manufacturers sought to create an air cushioned sole with greater durability, comfort and security. Thus, the 1460 boots were born.

The 1460 Impact On Culture

Dr Martens 1460 Black Classics

Dr Martens 1460 Black Classics.

The Dr Martens 1460 boots were first assigned as a working boot, perfect for those who worked in testing conditions and harsh environments. From its humble beginnings the Dr Martens 1460 stepped onto a much more exciting path as they became the chosen shoes for skinhead, punk and ska subcultures. Popular icons such as The Who’s Pete Townshend helped to catapult the boots into public demand, handing many youths the opportunity to fit in and adopt a new identity.

Reading up on Dr Martens boots customer reviews only goes to show how a vast generation grew attached to this iconic piece of footwear. Vintage 1460 reviews are embedded in positive feedback and often share insightful reminiscent tales.

The shoe company first rolled out the 1460 boots in standard black colours with the Dr Martens 1460 Black Boot becoming the company’s staple design. These iconic designs were easily recognisable with intricate and striking yellow stitching and 8 eyelets setting the benchmark for Dr Martens notoriety. Such fame saw new slang names circulate; with those involved often calling them Dr. Martens 8 ties. With their popularity soaring Dr Martens stuck to the original leather materials but started to experiment with other colours such as the Ox Blood Red 1460, a rich and deep shade that still remains popular to this day.

Modern 1460 DM Boots

Hot Pink Dr Martens 1460 Patent Boots

Hot Pink Dr Martens 1460 Patent Boots

Steering away from the dark depths of the history books the Dr Martens 1460 has now developed into a much more creative model. The 1460s saw changes in materials, prints and designs, with 1460 patent boots offering people a shinier alternative to the classic blacks. Patent 1460s provided a lighter appearance and were a popular choice in hot summer months.

Ranges such as Dr Martens 1460 Shimmer Boots also gave fans the opportunity to sparkle that bit more with materials sensitive to light offering a stunning shimmering effect.

Since then the 1460 Dr Martens have evolved into a boot with an array of different materials and colourways. Elaborate and creative prints such as vintage floral designs are now embraced by fans of the fashion world. Style icons such as Agyness Deyn helped to showcase DMs in a more fashionable sense rather than just the shoe of choice for punk or skinhead crowds.

With a wealth of history behind it, and continuous development and endorsement, the Dr Martens 1460 is still being celebrated and worn by all walks of life today. This iconic footwear range has certainly stood the test of time!




Nowadays you may be wondering where to buy Dr Martens, well this classic shoe has stomped the surface of the Blue Banana website for a number of years. Sharing reviews of Dr Martens 1460 boots can only bolster its appeal – for either old timers to rekindle their love for the boots or fresh on scene fashion heads to experiment with something old/new.

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