Cute Unicorn Gifts For Adults & Kids Have Arrived


Having a massive love for everything unicorn has become overwhelmingly popular lifestyle. Is it the amazing combination of every colour under the rainbow or is it the cute and cuddly nature of the mythical creature that draws us to it? We're not quite sure, but one thing we do know is that have some amazing additions at Blue Banana and you NEED them all for your collection! 

Even if you feel yourself to be a little bit of a unicorn hoarder, we're sure we'll be able to offer you something to add to your magical and cute unicorn things! Whether you're looking for some cute unicorn gifts for a friend, or perhaps some new unicorn stuff for your wardrobe, you can count on Blue Banana having it! 

If you want to rush straight to the shopping before these unique unicorn gifts go, take a look at the Blue Banana website here, or keep reading!

Cute Unicorn Things To Treat Yourself!

If you're anything like us, then you must realise that if it's unicorn; it belongs with you. With that in mind we've create a whole mini online unicorn gift shop with a massive range of cheap unicorn gifts to suit all of your needs. One of our favourite ornamental pierces to get your hands on are the Nemesis Now Three Wise Pukicorns Figurines! These cute figurines feature three completely different designs so that you can decorate your home in style, or divide them between your friends so that they get maximum appreciation!

But that's not all we have to offer! If you believe that cute items make the best unicorn gifts, there's a few more items that'll be right up your street! We've got some fantastic items of clothing such as the Cosmic Uses For A Unicorn Vest and the Kukubird Unicorn & Sweets Leggings for when you're on the go and in need of maximum comfort and style. See all of the awesome unicorn items below:

Practical Unicorn Items

It's great to have the cutest unicorns gifts available, but above all it needs to be practical. Below we can show of some of our favourite and funny unicorn stuff from the boldest backpacks to some of the most wanted blankets. A stand out item from our collection is the Spiral Unicron Universe Backpack. As well as featuring the best thing in the whole world (unicorns) it features a gorgeous multicoloured cosmic cloud design! But that's not all! You can also shop bum bags, coin purses and quirky lunchboxes! Check them out in more detail below:

Also, for the ultimate unicorn themed gifts; you must check out the new mermicorno range from Tokidoki: 

Finish Off Your Unicorn Merch Collection

Those are some pretty amazing pierces of unicorn merch, right? Now all you need is the magical finishing touches to your look and you're ready to go! The Barry M Unicorn Lip Paint is waiting and is the last piece of magic to any outstanding style. The vibrant yellow lipstick features a semi-matte long lasting finish and transforms to a gorgeous shade of pink when applied. You'll also love the range of Under The Sea nail paints that will give your mythical look that extra glimmer shimmer.

So there you have! Everything you need to create a unicorn devoted style! Let us see yours by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Written By Oliver Jenkins

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