Blue Banana’s Absolute Favourite Songs of 2016 So Far…

2016 has been a pretty sweet year for music so far, and with a new Green Day album on the way it’s only going to get better. For your listening pleasure, here are some of Blue Banana’s top songs of the year so far. So get those headphones on, whack the volume up to max and get ready to rock out!

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‘Dark Necessities’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Man, the Red Hot Chili Peppers really can do no wrong in our eyes! Even though the Chilis are eleven albums deep, they’re still putting out killer rock songs. ‘Dark Necessities’ is our personal favourite from the new album, showing the band at their catchy best!

‘Bored to Death’ – Blink-182

Line up changes, feuds and hiatuses aside, Blink haven’t lost an ounce of their iconic pop-punk sound. ‘Bored to Death’, the first single with new co-vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba, features a perfect blend of manic energy and touching lyrics that shows that the band still have the magic touch.

‘Wolves of Winter’ – Biffy Clyro

We know, we know; the name sounds like the title of an episode of Game of Thrones. This song stole a place in our hearts from the moment we first heard it, with a ferocious opening, soaring lyrics and catchy melodies. The song’s music video is also strangely awesome as well…

‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ – Panic! at the Disco

Though this single was first released at the end of last year, the album it belongs to came out in January so we’re counting in anyways! (Mainly because we love it!) Not only is the song super-catchy, but the accompanying music video is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

‘Bang Bang’ – Green Day

Is it just us, or has it been way too long since the last Green Day album? And we’ve still got another week to wait for the new one… Luckily the three singles from it have coloured us impressed, with ‘Bang Bang’ being our particular favourite.

‘Burn the Witch’ – Radiohead

Perhaps the UK’s most artsy-fartsy band, this band certainly know how to put out killer songs. ‘Burn the Witch’ is a bit of a slow burn (Pun intended) as shown by its stop-motion music video. Starting off innocent yet slightly creepy, it slowly builds up to a horrifying Wickerman-inspired conclusion. Awesome.

‘Bulletproof’ – Young Guns

Another one of our favourite bands at Blue Banana, Young Guns never fail to wow us. The first single from their new album, ‘Bulletproof’, caught our attention in particular, and has a great vibe to it.

‘Blackstar’ – David Bowie

This year we lost one of the all-time greats. Listing all of the fantastic songs he put out would take an incredibly long time, so instead we’ll just tell you to listen to ‘Blackstar’, the haunting lead single from his final album. The fact that Bowie wrote the song whilst aware he was dying makes it all the more moving.

‘Celestial Creatures’ – Wild Beasts

Another haunting and creepy song (which seems to be a recurring theme on this list). ‘Celestial Creatures’ is stuffed with alien-sounding synths and spaced-out guitar riffs, giving it an otherworldly feel. Sometimes you just need to listen to something that’s a bit weird.

‘Heathens’ – Twenty-One Pilots

Though we haven’t stopped listening to the band’s fantastic 2015 album Blurryface yet,  ‘Heathens’, the song they produced for Suicide Squad is just another reminder of why we love them so much. Never change, Twenty-One Pilots.

And here’s a Spotify playlist just to make things easy for you!

And this list is really just the tip of the iceberg. Like we said, it’s been a really great year for music so far. What are your favourite songs from 2016? We want to know! Leave us a reply below or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also be sure to check out our sweet selection of band merch – including artists from this very list!

Written By BlueBanana