Blue Banana’s Summer Boredom Busters

So as much as we all love the summer holidays… the bliss of not hearing that alarm screeching in the morning… the ability to lounge around in your pjs until lunchtime… the beach trips… wait, where were we going with this again? Oh! Yes! As much as we LOVE all these things, by the time we reach the halfway point of the holidays, we’re starting to get a little bit bored.

If you’re so bored that you’re almost looking forward to school starting again, take a look at these 10 boredom busting ideas to really make the most of your time off. We’ve got activities to cater for rainy days and sunshine, lavish budgets and penny-pinching, so whatever your situation, there’ll be something on this list to keep you entertained.

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1. Movie Binge

Harry Potter


Price: FREE

One of the best rainy day activities of all time is watching a good movie! Whenever those grey clouds threaten rain this summer holiday, don’t succumb to boredom, grab a pile of snacks and settle down on the sofa for a full day of binge-watching! Our favourite movies to binge-watch are some of our old favourites like the Harry Potter series or even Lord Of The Rings. The great thing about these kind of fantastical tales suck you in for hours on end, making them the perfect antidote for boredom!

If you don’t fancy re-watching any of the DVDs on your shelf, there are also a ton of new movies out that you can treat yourself to. If you’re looking to keep costs down, check out the bargain bin DVDs at your local supermarket; these are great places to find hidden gems that you’ve never seen or even heard of for a fraction of the cost of a new movie.

This activity is great because not only is it cheap to do and suitable for all weathers (particularly rain) but you can binge-watch with friends or on your own, so this is a great boredom buster for days when all your mates are busy! Who knows, you might even tempt your parents to get in on the blockbuster action, just make sure they don’t nick too much popcorn!

2. Theme Parks

Theme Park



If theme parks are your bag, the summer break is the perfect time to hit those roller coasters! With tons of options ranging from large attractions to smaller family-friendly options there are plenty of different parks to explore. As far as boredom busters go, this is one of the best activities! Most parks have a variety of rides, picnic areas, shows and shops giving you enough entertainment to spend the whole day there.

Whilst this is one of the more pricier activities on our boredom buster list, with such a variety of theme parks around, all with different price tags, you can choose wisely to suit your budget. Here are a few of our favourites:

Although you can definitely hit up a theme park on your own, it’s much more fun with friends, so try and get a group together and have a scream-worthy time!

3. Rediscover Your Old Favourite Bands



Price: FREE

This might not sound like that much fun at first, but we can promise that this was one of our favourite boredom busters on the list! There’s nothing more nostalgic than trawling through your dusty old CDs and coming across you’re all-time favourite album of yesteryear! Whether it’s My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade that gives you tingles, or Sum 41‘s sound that makes your arm hairs prickle, you can have great fun sifting through all of your old faves.

The funniest part of this for us, was listening back on songs we thought were great, and realising that maybe they weren’t quite so good as we once thought. If you have a past guilty-pleasure that kind of makes you cringe, stick it on repeat, dance your socks off and OWN IT!

4. Take Up An Instrument




This boredom buster is a good one because it will fill way more than one dull afternoon! If you’ve always fancied rocking the guitar, or making magic with some drums, the summer holidays is a great time to commit yoursef to learning how to play. Whilst professionals are always on hand to give you lessons for competitive prices, you can keep costs at a minimum by purchasing tutorial books and CDs online and teaching yourself!

As well as materials available to purchase online, there is a huge wealth of extensive tutorial videos which you can access for free on Youtube, so if you have a few hours free, get to grips with some chords simply by typing in a web address! The good thing about practicing your instrument over the summer, is that you can often get some extra tuition when you go back to school during music sessions or break times.

There are so many instruments to choose from, but once you’ve made your decision, make sure you shop around to find the best deal. You can often pick up really good second-hand instruments on Gumtree, Facebook selling sites or eBay which are perfect for beginners. Who knows, if you get really good, maybe you’ll be buying top-of-the-range kit before long!

5. Attend A Festival/Concert




This is the most costly boredom buster in our top ten, but with good reason. Summer is the perfect time to be outside, and when you couple that with an electric atmosphere and a chance to see some of your favourite bands and artists, what’s not to like? There are a ton of different festivals to attend throughout summer including big names like Reading & Leeds and smaller events like Boardmasters. Whatever your chosen festival or concert, you can stave off boredom by getting seriously muddy and having a great time.

If you’re wondering which festival you’d like the best, or you’re already planning next year’s summer trips, here are our Festival Guides that will give you a summary of what to expect.

You may have left it too late to start planning a festival trip this year, but rest assured that there are plenty of concerts and gigs still going on way into winter time; just check out websites like See Tickets to see what’s going on near you!

6. Have A Gaming Day



Price: FREE

This boredom buster is one that you probably take part in regularly, so it will come as no surprise that we believe it’s a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. Whilst it’s not good to spend the entire six weeks playing video games (apparently), on those days where the rain is hammering down and you have nowhere to go, there is nothing wrong with having an awesome gaming session!

Gaming has a reputation as being quite an isolated activity, but with technology as great as it is, there is no reason why you should be stuck on your own. Not only can you play virtually with friends by using a camera and headset, but we strongly recommend calling over a few buddies and asking them to bring a spare controller; you just can’t beat a multiplayer knock-out championship with your mates!

If you regularly play games and you’ve already completed the latest adventure game or shoot ’em up, why not take some inspo from our blog all about the 5 Retro Video Games You Need To Play which will reignite your passion for nostalgic pick-up-and-plays, giving you hours of entertainment!

7. Take Up Cosplay




If you aren’t sure what Cosplay is, this term refers to ‘costume play‘, the hobby of creating and dressing up in costumes that replicate characters from film, TV, games or books. With a huge variety of different fancy dress items available to purchase online and tons of cool tutorials, you can recreate whichever fictional character you like.

Cosplay fans often spend weeks and months sourcing and putting together all the perfect elements of their latest costume, which makes this activity a really good boredom buster. The great thing about Cosplay is that once you have a costume completed, not only can you take some awesome pics to show off online, but you can also head to one of many Cosplay conventions to check out other Cosplayers costumes!

This is a great hobby for creative people and those that like to dress up. To really get the best boredom-busting effect out of Cosplay, we recommend creating fancy dress elements at home, using DIY tutorials that can be found on Youtube. You can also surf the net to see what characters other Cosplayers are creating and join forums like the one on  to make new friends.

This boredom buster is one that you can do alone, or rope your friends in, but if your friends don’t fancy joining in, there’s a whole community available to connect with online.

8. Host A Party




This one does depend on getting permission from parents or whoever is in charge of the house, however not all house parties have to be crazy, house-trashing disasters! Just make sure you only invite a select few friends that you can trust, and be prepared to do any cleaning up that’s required in the morning!

If you’re trying to save the pennies this summer, you can throw a party on a shoe-string budget by carefully planning what you need, making decorations at home and asking your guests to each bring some food and drinks with them

For party decoration ideas, Pinterest is the best place to go and you can often find easy step-by-step instructions for creating gorgeous DIY embellishments! As far as snacks go, stick with cheap and cheerful crowd-pleasers like pizza, sandwiches, cupcakes and nachos. If you aren’t old enough to have alcohol at your party, you can still create some colourful mocktails that’ll have everyone smiling!

9. Do Some Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts



Whether you’re a dab hand with a pencil, or you love to get glittery fingers with that pritt stick, there is an arts and crafts activity to fill anyone’s boring rainy day! It doesn’t matter if you believe you have artistic talent or not, simply take some inspiration from Pinterest and have some fun. This is a great activity for kids too, so if you do end up babysitting siblings you can use this boredom buster to keep those little fingers busy.

Some of our favourite art and crafts activities are:

  • Crochet – This takes a little practice to master but you can create some really cute stuff!
  • Painting – Whether it’s on a canvas or a wall, painting can be seriously theraputic, giving you hours of boredom antidote
  • Sculpture – You can pick up some clay or Plasticine fairly cheap at certain art supply shops, so why not beat those bored afternoons and make some interesting sculptures?
  • Sketching – The cheapest and simplest activity on the list requires only a pencil and paper. Why not take your pad out and explore a new place, capturing the views with a sketch as opposed to your camera for a change?

10. Explore A New Place



Price: -

Our best boredom buster advice: Get outside and explore! Of course, there will be lots of you lucky enough to be jetting off on a plane this summer, but even if you aren’t headed for a holiday, there are plenty of places in the UK to get out an explore!

Tourist hot-spots like London are filled with loads of activities to keep you from being bored, so play a tourist for the day and ride on a big red bus all the way to the London Eye or Madame Tussauds! If the city isn’t your scene, head to Devon and Cornwall to explore all the hidden coves, beaches and walks. With breath-taking views on offer, you can pack a picnic and go wherever the coast takes you.

Wherever it is you want to explore, getting outside and seeing a new place is the best cure for those attacks of boredom, so stop sitting at home and go and make some memories before the summer is over!

No More Boredom!


So there we go boys and girls, try Blue Banana’s Summer Boredom Busters and we promise you’ll feel much more enthusiastic about your holidays. Let’s face it, even if they don’t work, you’ll have spent so much time trying them out that the holidays will be over, right? If you’ve got some suggestions you’d like to see added to next year’s list, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #BBSBB

Happy Boredom Busting!

Written By BlueBanana