Back To School Sale: Up To 60% Off Bags and Backpacks

Back To School Sale, Bags and Backpacks

We hate to be the party pooper but it is time to face up to facts. Summer is nearly over! We know you will have made the most of long, sunny days and hope you have crammed in plenty of beach trips and adventures but it really is time to do some Back To School Sale shopping.

We know that shopping for backpacks for school can be a nightmare. How do you strike the balance between practical and stylish? With our alternative bags UK at Blue Banana, we know you want a bag that is going to last for longer than one term which is why our bags are built to last. Let’s keep the parents happy and you happy.

If you are thinking about trying to make your tattered school bag last for one more term then it is probably time to give up and send it into retirement. We know you will have become attached to your old bag but once you see all the fab designs in our shop you may think again. Many of our bags have multiple compartments and plenty of space so when you are free from school they can double up as backpacks for travelling!

Back To School Sale: Secondary School Bags


Heading off to a new school? One of the differences between primary school and secondary school is the number of things you need to carry. With new books to store you are going to need spacious school bags for high school. If you also want to keep it on trend then we have just the bag for you.

If you just aren’t ready to be a grown up then with Blue Banana you don’t have to be! We believe in making the most of being young which is why the Cosmic Never Grow Up Backpack is one of our favourites. This cosmic style backpack design takes themes from the classic tale of Peter Pan. The art style of this backpack is edgy and stylish but the fun is in the details. Are those shadows we see flying across the bag? And doesn’t that island look like the perfect place to escape? Have you fallen in love with this bag yet? You might not need to look any further in our backpack sale womens section.

If your style leans more towards punk backpacks and gothic shoulder bags then this Bleeding Heart Sugarskull Backpack in Black could be your dream rucksack. With a candy skull and paisley print, this is sure to look artsy and awesome on your back. If you would like a splash of colour then this bag is available in several different shades!

If you are living in a cartoon world of cute characters then why not take them to school with the Bleeding Heart Canvas Monster Print Backpack or the Blue Banana Panda Backpack. These backpacks are perfect for both backpacks mens and backpacks womens. Everyone can enjoy these sweet cartoon characters.

Holographic Backpacks For a New Look


Holographic products are at the height of fashion right now so this could be your perfect style. If you like a traditional colour for your girls school bags then you are sure to enjoy the Spiral Jewels OG Backpack in Multicoloured. This bag appears to be pink all over but when you look closely you will see there are lots of different colours in the bag. This shimmering bag has several zipped compartments. It also has a media port so you can listen to your favourite tunes on the journey home. This bag also comes in blue. The Blue Glitz Bag has shining tones of purple, green and aqua. If you are crazy about mermaids then these underwater shades are sure to appeal to your marine side. Holographic bags are the perfect unique backpacks UK because they look different depending on the light source.

We have one more awesome holographic backpack on our list. The Blue Banana Triangle Backpack in Silver blends a holographic background with a geometric triangle pattern. This backpack is sure to help you make a bold statement when you head back to school. Now all you need to do is go shopping for your back to school stationery list.

This is just a small taster of the backpacks we have on offer. From rock band backpacks to the backpacks Hype, we have got to be one of the top backpack sale UK retailers. With even more range than supermarket back to school Asda and Tesco collections, this is surely a much cooler place to buy your school essentials. Why not share your back to school fashion with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Get everything you need in one place with a huge choice of school shoes too! Our all-black shoes will keep you out of trouble with the teacher and will look super stylish too. We stock only the highest quality brands so you can be sure that your new shoes will last. The difference with our school shoes compared with other shops is our designs look awesome as everyday footwear. This means you can go straight from school to a trendy after school look in no time.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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