Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup: 16 December 2013

It’s back once again, Blue Banana’s alternative fashion blog roundup! As you may well know by now, each week we search high and wide across the web for interesting, informative and imaginative blogs and articles all about unique fashion styles we know all our fans love.

This week we have a good mixture of goth, Steampunk, vintage and tattoo inspired blogs to view at your pleasure. Enjoy!

Rock Your New Years Eve Look by Elisa at Style Bizarre

Style Bizarre creator, Elisa!

Although most people are probably still concerned about Christmas right now, with only a week left to get last minute gifts, Elisa at Style Bizarre is already well prepared for the New Year! This cool post is all about Elisa’s awesome alternative outfits for her big night out on New Years Eve. She offers plenty of valuable style tips, each suited to those with different tastes, so nobody should feel left out. Christmas may be just around the corner, but it does no harm to think about perfecting your look for the New Year, and with this valuable advice from Style Bizarre, you can bring in the New Year with stylishness!

New Life – A Gothic Movie Review by RoxieHorror at The California Gothic Project

This interesting post on the California Gothic Project blog reviews what might very well become a cult gothic movie that joins the likes of Tim Burton’s wonderful creations and The Crow as essential viewing for young goths. The film is Mortal Instruments – City of Bones, and its a supernatural movie that, according to the reviewer, includes a tasteful and respectful representation of gothic fashion and culture, something many ‘goth’ movies often don’t quite offer. It sounds interesting to us, and I’m sure many of you out there will be keeping an eye on this movie that’s received high praise!

Fashionable Tats – Is the Future of the Tattoo fading? by Ellinor Rice at My Student Style

This thought provoking (or perhaps controversial?) post is all about the subject of tattoos and why the writer, Elinor Rice, believes tattoos are losing their edge. She argues that because tattoos are mainstream, people are almost conforming when they choose to get one, rather than rebelling. Ellie also shows concern for young people who rush into getting tattoos too quickly, either being inspired by images of celebrities or to mark crazy holidays. She also brings up  a valid point about illegal tattoo artists putting people at risk. Do you agree with Elinor’s opinion on tattoos?

The Best Steampunk Fashion and Art for the Week of 12/9/13 by S.C. Barrus at Away and Away

Steampunk writer S.C. Barrus is the personal website of Steampunk novel author S.C. Barrus, writer of an upcoming book called Discovering Aberration. This cool post from the Steampunk expert is a highlight of the various unique Steampunk style images the author has discovered in the previous week. There’s some truly stunning pictures and costumes from the mysterious culture of Steampunk for all to see, and it’s bound to inspire your own designs and styles.

December Primark Haul by Victoria at Victoria’s Vintage

This nice little post to round us off this week comes courtesy of blogger Victoria, curator of her own personal blog, Victoria’s Vintage. As you might have guessed, Victoria is a bit of a fan of retro and vintage style fashion! Today’s subject is all about the vintage blogger’s haul of clothing and accessories she discovered at cheap high street store Primark. Victoria managed to find a bounty of gorgeous retro clothes and jewellery in her search, which just proves that if you have an eye for a bargain, getting vintage style doesn’t have to be expensive. We even have our own selection of quality and affordable vintage clothing for retro fans to peruse too!

So that’s all folks for this week’s edition of the alternative fashion blog roundup! We hope you enjoyed this week’s awesome blogs and stay tuned for another in the near future!

Written By BlueBanana