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Are you looking for the next best fashion fix? Then why not treat yourself to some new alternative gear? It's no secret that for alternative music lovers there really is no other staple part of a wardrobe than band merch and jeans; and we've got just the items for you. This week at Blue Banana we're giving you a whopping Up To 60% Off in our official band merch store so you rock out in the beautiful spring/summer weather in style! Whether you're in need of some official band merchandise ideas or you know the exact alternative rock band of clothes to pick up, we can point you in the right direction. From tops, to bags to hoodies; we've got it all!

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Your One Stop Band Merchandise Site

When you're looking for some new official band merch your first thought needs to be what band you want to show off. Here at Blue Banana we have a wide range of bands so you can always find the exact band with a quirky design to match your alternative look. We have punk bands such as Black Veil Brides with t shirts showing off all 4 members of the bands, to others with their occult style which we've all come to love! But if you prefer to get your kicks from some of the more classic bands in alternative music, we can point you in the direction of the finest Iron Maiden Merchandise and Metallica clothing! 

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Iconic Metal Band Merch Hoodies

Although it's not really the weather for a hoodie, with these massive deals taking place; you'd be silly not to take advantage. Within our music merchandise sections we also offer an extensive range of band merchandise hoodies! This means that rain or shine, you'll always be prepared with some official clothing. On the topic of poor weather however, why not try the new in Official Panic! At The Disco Bolt Windbreaker Jacket as an extra layer between you and the adverse weather? But if that's not your thing then you can definitely pick up some metal merch hoodies to fit your personal preference. 

Have a look below at some of our favourite hoodies!

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New Band Merch Accessories For Less

If you would have asked anyone else what band merchandise they have, they would probably stop at t shirts and hoodies, but here at Blue Banana you can get all sorts of items from awesome wristbands to even band merch bags. But that's not all! If you're someone who want's to appreciate music within every aspect of your daily life we'll also be able to kit you out with some new music band accessories such as the Official Black Veil Brides Skullogram Mug in white or even a sweet new piece of jewellery with the Alchemy Rocks Metallica Ninja Star Pendant Necklace

Not quite what you're looking? Why not pick up one of our amazing official band merch bags featuring your favourite band at work? Or perhaps decorate your room with one of our Officially licensed posters? Check out some of our favourite items below!

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There you have some of our favourite items from this weeks Up To 60% Off Official Band Merchandise. Don't forget to check out the full sections to see a treasure trove of alternative band mech available. Offer ends 01/06/18. Show us your favourite merch on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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