Heartwarming Savings In Our Coats & Jackets Event


If you've been checking the weather recently, you'll know that the cold weather isn't going anywhere. The mornings can be particularly brisk and everyone is rushing indoors in the afternoons and not leaving unless it is absolutely necessary. Occasionally there are times when you just can't escape the weather and the only way to avoid a shivering and bitter experience is with a quality coat or jacket. If you don't currently have a coat or the one you have is starting to go threadbare, getting a brand new coat can take a hefty chunk out of your wallet. Fortunately for you, we won't leave you out in the cold. It is time for an Up To 60% Off Coats & Jackets Event! For the next week you can enjoy some sizable reductions to the coats and jackets on our website. Make sure to look soon though, cause it'll be gone by 19/01/2018.

If we've peeked your interest then just check out some of these stunning Coat and Jacket styles available for you with some nice discounts.

Look and Feel Amazing with Faux Fur Coats

If you're looking for unparalleled elegance then you can't go wrong with a fluffy faux fur lining on your next coat. It is hard to decide the best part of these stunning coats, the softness of the faux fur, the thick lining making them super warm, or that they're completely animal friendly. We particularly love the Hell Bunny Isadora Coats in both Blue and Black options. The large lined hood is great for those blustery days when you ears start to sting a little. The soft faux fur will make you forget there was ever a bitter chill turning your ears red. You will struggle to find a Winter coat that looks this good.

Enjoy the Iconic Shape of Double Breasted Coats

If you're searching for a new coat and you haven't been tempted to grab the unbeatable style of a double breasted coat then you will soon change your mind. There is reason why they're incredibly popular. We have several styles that will make your next coat a wonderful addition to your outdoor outfit. If you're looking for a coat that can't go wrong no matter what outfit it is covering then the Voodoo Vixen Susan Coat is the best choice for you. This coat also has a belt to fit the coat to your look. The Hell Bunny Kira Coat gives your double button style a special flare with extra filigree. Alternatively, the large collar of the Voodoo Vixen Jennifer Nautical Coat is a great way to make your shoulders look more elegantly pronounced.

Check Out Our Awesome Jackets

Don't forget, it's not just coats in this awesome event. We have a number of really great jackets that you can get your hands on. If you're looking for an all around winner of style and awesome decal, check out the Official Black Veil Brides Varsity Jacket. The quality of this jacket is very impressive and the elasticated cuffs, hem and neckline will keep all of the heat on your torso. If you prefer to get the most out of your jacket then the Suicide Squad Harley Twin Jacket has the 2-in-1 value that you desire. The stylish hoodie with jester tassels and the Harley Quinn logo can be combined with a sleeveless jacket for a great combination, or wear the hoodie when its only slightly cold outside and use the jacket as great summer fashion.

Save Big on Gothic Trench Coats

Those who need a new Alternative Coat will have to sit down after seeing how beautiful these hardcore trench coats look. On the back of these trench coats are stunning designs. The Vampire's Kiss Trench Coat features a small corseted lacing on the back for any Gothic ladies who want to look amazing. The men's trench coat comes with a couple of different decals on the back as well as a plain one for those who prefer the traditional Goth look.

Get the Best Steampunk Coats

The destinctive vintage coats & jackets available in our sale are perfect whether you're looking to impress at your next formal event or enjoy the epic style of a Steampunk Costume Coat as part of your outfit. From Military Jackets to velvet buttoned coats, with and without tails, there is something to suit every outfit. We particularly love the H&R Victorian Velvet Jacket with its stunning red frills.

Of course that isn't everything available in our amazing Up to 60% Off Coats & Jackets event. Get searching now for a deal that you'll adore. Remember, you have until 12/01/2018. to get your coat or jacket before the event ends. If you'd like to stay up to date on future events as well as new products, blogs and more, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written By BlueBanana