Get Ahead With Your 2021 Alternative Fashion

2020 was a year that we thought we'd never see the back of, but now we're through it! (Thankfully). Although this year will probably be slightly different than normal, there's still plenty of opportunities to inspire your 2021 alternative fashion.

Despite 2020 being a bad year of tour cancellations and intermittent store closures for Blue Banana, we've worked tirelessly to continue providing our alternative wares with super-fast shipping from In case this is your first time on Blue Banana or you're finally ready to begin your alternative journey; let us tell you a few things about our brand! If you're ready to reinvent your wardrobe with glam, goth, or vibrant colour we're your one stop shop.

Boasting 13 stores across the UK, we specialise as the UK's largest body piercer and home to the best alternative brands. Despite the temporary closure of our stores you can continue to take your alternative fashion to new heights with our range of vibrant hair dyes, piercing jewellery, and the best alternative brands? Need some ideas to inspire your 2021 winter fashion? Keep reading.

It's Time To Dye With Vibrant Hair Colours

With 2020 being the year for intermittent lockdowns, many of us saw it as an opportunity to do three things: Stay safe, Stay at home and... try a new hair colour. Talk about putting the time to good use! Trying a brand new alternative hair colour that differs from your signature look is a bold step too far for many of us. Luckily this year's stints of staying at home have meant carefree dyeing can occur and at Blue Banana, we have over 200 epic shades to transform your hair. Not only do we stock some of the best brands available including Manic Panic, Crazy Color and La Riche Directions; the majority of our products are Vegan friendly and PPD Free meaning you can enjoy cruelty free hair colour that helps nourish your hair while it dyes. 

Check out our epic range of colourful hair dye shades and start deciding on your 2021 hair dye:

Looking to try something that's brand new? La Riche Directions have just launched 11 intense shades including Stormy Grey, Antique Mauve & Fluorescent Lime. Check out the new La Riche, here.

Enhance Your Piercing With 3 For 2 Body Jewellery

If you've been following us through 2020 you would have seen that we've had to make some alterations when it comes to getting your piercing in-store. As the situation with COVID progresses we have continued to update the range of piercings we offer depending on the latest Government restrictions. If your local store is now open and you can't wait to get your piercing, be sure to check our new store safety information and body piercing information before you visit.

We're well aware that some of our customers at Blue Banana are piercing fanatics. It's incredibly easy to get super hyped for an upcoming piercing or just as excited planning the next one. While 2020 and 2021 government restrictions may put those plans on hold temporarily, you can still continue your excitement by accessorising with brand new piercing jewellery.

Over the last 12 months our resident piercing expert has dedicated their time to updating and revamping our piercing articles with new advice and info as well as dedicated pages so that you can find the right jewellery for the right piercing! Plus if you're piercing is now healed and you're looking to renew your piercing vibe regularly, you can now shop the Blue Banana Piercing Jewellery range with our 3 for 2 Offer.

2021 Footwear

There's no denying that at Blue Banana we have a thing for alternative footwear. From our two favourite brands: New Rock & Dr Martens we stock some of the boldest boots available. Custom styles and quirky designs are our specialty, so if you're looking for something that will stand out and is a little bit different than the norm; you've come to the right place.

Although 2020 hasn't been without its challenges, one thing that hasn't stopped is our passion for Dr Martens Boots. Throughout the last 12 months we've worked extensively to populate with the best alternative Dr Martens available. From faux fur lined favourites to iridescent vegan DMs, last year's Dr Martens line-up was just a treat! And we're sure that there will be plenty more to come in 2021.

Check out our latest alternative Dr Martens below:

2021 Alternative Fashion Trends

Despite everything that happens in the world you can guarantee that Blue Banana will be working to get the latest what's in fashion for your alternative lifestyle. Although various lockdowns and government tiers may see us spending most of our time at home, you can still look tip top, in preparation for your TikTok challenges, zoom calls, and online quizzes.

Take a look at our 2021 alternative clothing and accessories below or browse our newest arrivals:

View our fall winter fashion trends section to get planning your next look.

While we continue into 2021 be sure to visit for alternative fashion and more. We'll be working through our temporary store closures to ensure your alternative fashion top-ups are ready and available.

For more information on the status of your local store. Please visit our Coronavirus Update page

Written By Oliver Jenkins

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