1920s Fashion For Women: Modern Gal Flapper Dresses & Accessories


Do you dream of becoming a modern flapper? Love everything from 1920s fashion history? This iconic era was oozing with style so why wouldn’t you want to re-create the fabulous 1920s fashion styles? At Blue Banana, we have got plenty of 1920s fashion for sale so you can find everything you need, down to the small details to help you complete your old fashioned look.

Our 1920s fashion costumes don’t have to just be used for fancy dress parties. If you love the 1920s then why not wear for a night out or evening party? The flapper dress is a loose straight dress that leaves the arms bare. This was the era in which women became more daring with showing off a little leg and shoulder.

The history of the flapper dress comes from women wanting to feel liberated by their clothing. Gone were the restrictive long dresses worn in previous eras. A woman wanted to be able to dance to jazz and if she flashed a little leg, so what! Who knew a dress could hold such importance? Become part of an amazing time in history with your very own flapper dress. Our flapper dresses come in a variety of sizes and either in a red or black material. You are sure to look ultra-stylish in 1920 fashion costumes, especially once you have fully accessorised your outfit.


1920s Inspired Shoes

The 1920s was all about T Bar shoes so this is the perfect way to start off your 1920s fashion makeover. Banned shoes are perfect for doubling as 1920s style footwear. They are so diverse you can pair with plenty of other outfits too! From the Banned All I Do Is Dream High Heeled Shoes to the Banned One Note Samba High Heeled Shoes these are sure to be toe-tappingly good for wild jazz club nights. For a splash of modern dcor, you could pair up your outfit with the Banned Stella By Starlight T-Bar High Heeled Shoes. We are sure your style radar system will become well-honed towards the 1920s themed items.

1920s Fashion Flapper Headbands

Now you have got the 1920 fashion clothes but you can’t go anywhere without accessorising that outfit. Starting from the top you are going to need a 1920s flapper headband! This is possibly the most iconic 1920 fashion trends accessory so no outfit will be complete without one. We have the perfect feathered 1920s flapper headband in black, meaning you can match it with any colour dress. If you are looking for the whole set then why not upgrade to the 3 piece set. It includes that all important beaded necklace and fake cigarette holder.

It wasn’t just about feathers; the 1920s gals also loved a bit of bling. Smarten up your dress with a Blue Banana Pearl and Crystal Swirl Tiara. This is sure to give you that elegant evening style but still look accurate to the era.

1920s Women’s Fashion Gloves

In the 1920s gloves were still very much an essential accessory for women’s clothing. If you want to truly emerge yourself into the culture and style of the 1920s then you are going to need gloves for every occasion.

We have a huge range of gloves but have a soft spot for these Short Bows and Cut Outs Gloves in red. If you were lucky enough to have your own car and be able to drive you would have needed a pair of swish leather gloves to wear while driving. These fancy gloves feature a feminine touch with a sweet bow and flower cut outs. The cut outs also mean your hands can breathe so you won’t arrive looking flustered.

Some 1920s outfits would feature lace accessories or decorations. With these Fingerless Lace Gloves in black, you are sure to look like a stylish lady. The finger cutouts mean you can still use your mobile phone (not something those 1920s girls would need to worry about).

If you want to take your new 1920s style for a spin on a glamorous night out then you are going to need the Blue Banana Long Rouched Satin Gloves in white. These beautiful gloves are sure to help you release your inner elegance and charm.

If you look at 1910s fashion you could start to see a hint of what was to come with dresses becoming straighter cut. By the time of 1930 fashion, you could certainly see the beginnings of the fashions that were to emerge during the next couple of decades but still with a hint of the fun dresses of the 1920s.

If you love 1920s inspired looks then don’t be afraid to walk out as a 1920s modern fashion gal. You are sure to have a style that nobody else will be flaunting and you can strut to your own jazzy beat. The 1920s was ultimately all about having fun which is why the era is known as the roaring twenties. This marked the beginnings of jazz music and the free spirit of this genre seeped over into the fashion trends.

If you love to blend eras then add your own twist to create a modern 1920s fashion style. We would love to see what you come up with so why not share with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Written By Amy McEvoy

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